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    Community mood/attitude

    It's not a thing you can easily steer, and perhaps not a thing you can change by any intent, but I feel a need to express a disquiet that has been growing for some time;

    We're getting a bit 'wtf u skrub' in here. Just a bit. Early signs, perhaps, or maybe not. There are a growing number of community members with venerable accounts and many posts whose general approach - both in the comment threads and on the forum - is to get a bit stabby, defensive-via-aggressive, who at times seem to prefer to mock others without wit but instead with trollish memes and childish insults. Not rough discussion but outright ad-hominem, meaningless snark and a swelling egotism.

    We've got plenty of crazies among us, myself not the least, people who experience obvious fluctuations in mood and emotional wellbeing and that has always been a welcome trade, in my eyes. You rarely get a very creative and friendly community without the other side of the coin shining once in a while. With this in mind I've long had the impression that the various social groups and the larger RPS community takes care of its own, never overreacting to a moment of drama or sharp-edged gloom, but being there to assist when someone needs the support, or just one evening of tolerance for a dark mood.

    I speak of something different, here. I suppose all I'd like to ask is that those who care about the community don't sit back and ignore the beginnings of the more malicious drama and aggression, should it be anything more than my imagination, should things be starting to turn. No community is immune to... the troll sickness, but what keeps a place like RPS from turning toxic is the supportive manner in which its own members treat veterans and newcomers alike, and whether people speak up against those first tremors of needless bullying and egotistical friction.


    Thanks for reading.

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    I've found it quite welcoming here, but I haven't been around all that long so maybe it was more so in the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarfrin View Post
    I've found it quite welcoming here, but I haven't been around all that long so maybe it was more so in the past.
    It has happened in the past but there's always a chance of it happening again. It's an attitude that is oft-prevalent on the internet: If someone is percieved as having a thin skin people consider it fair game to start probing that skin. People who subscribe to that are bloody awfull having never risen beyond the level of the petty bully, but they are unfortunately also hard to spot on a busy internet forum when you are not looking for it unless it comes looking for you. I think I can see, partly, where Jakkar is coming from here.

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    Op's can't expect people to spend a day researching topics but generally speaking, as far as forums on the net go, users tend to be lazy and some will just "actually" you to death until someone comes up with an answer and everyone including that someone becomes an ass.
    You can still nerd with people though as long as the subject is the game or whatever, not mentalities nor prides, coming up with a title like "and the madness is over?" didn't help.
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