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    [AAR] Folk [Sun] 01 July 2012 (Fifty-five, stay alive ... or not)

    Cross-posting from the official AAR thread in the Folk forum (please please cross-post):

    Quote Originally Posted by fer
    • ShapurRaiders
    • Karavan
    • Cacheola
    • Cocktails

    Comrades, I believe that was the first time in the history of the Folk sessions that we have reached (and possibly surpassed) a playercount of 55 without it being a joint session. Huge thank you to everyone who came along tonight and helped to make it a very epic session indeed. I'm not even sure I know where to start my AAR - there were so many awesome moments: the Hind's rocket run on one hapless squad in ShapurRaiders, the colliding Mi17s at the end of Karavan, hearing an enemy fireteam hunting me in the same building during Cacheola, or the horror death stairs of Cocktails.

    Comrades, you were epic! Please share your stories ...


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    Crosspost from the folk forums:


    Alpha (not sure which number) AT. Spread into different positions, no one was expecting the enemy in the area. Some friendlies got killed, we scouted around, killed off the nearby enemies. While we were looking around, we heard something... a hind. Lo and behold, the hind flew above and fired my first RPG. It missed by mere meters. I get my chance again soon. We hid near the walls while the hind returns firing upon us only with bullets. Heard a squad got destroyed by a rocket run from the Hind. Terrible.

    This time round, my last RPG round managed to contact the Hind. It was glorious. Ask the Squad Leader to move into a building for more defense... that was a bad call. Decided to leave the building looking for more rockets, then the building collapsed due to another hind.

    Leader was down, was down to me and comrade. Told the squad mate to hold position while I updated the Alpha Squad Leader of our status. I went back out again to hunt down more rockets. Managed to spot a t-55. Looked empty... it wasn't. It was a damn trap. There was someone in tank meaning I couldn't hijack it. Got killed by nearby enemy troops. I got greedy and paid for it.


    Independant Charlie 2 Leader. Charlie Squad Fireteam Leader marked the positions, headed there, asked if we can move upto the rocks. Permission granted, we headed to the big rocks. Managed to spot 2 AI squads. My comrades were asking to engage, but I was waiting for command to take more orders.

    Had a choice: Listen to the squad member and fire upon the enemy OR wait for command to command us. Told to squad to hold fire while waited for Charlie 1 to get into position. We opened fire, managed to score a couple of kills. Then I got shot and bleed to death.

    In the dead channel, I noticed Draakon and m0ntag were doing a last stand in a building while Harakka and mort ran towards the Heli LZ. They managed to aboard the helis safely...

    UNTIL: Someone marked the building a blue smoke and both pilots decided to fly there... big explosion happened with the two heli ramming into each other at high speed.


    BLUFOR Bravo 3 AT. I listened to the OPFOR's plan by attending the wrong channel by accident and decided to sit this one out. However, the party told me to carry on since OPFOR changed plans. Sorry about that gents. Formed up with Squad in a humvee, we head to the town... very slowly.

    I managed to find a satchel in one of the humvees and carried it. Somehow, in middle of a battle, I lost the satchel. Went back to pick it up another one, apologize to the Squad Leader Harlander. Not a great start for me. We checked out the mosque and it was clear. However, I managed to spot the enemy due east. Asked to fire the rocket but was not granted. Annoyed, went back down to the ground floor to meet up with the Squad.

    We were excellent as a unit. Covering each other's backs while we crossed the road while the communications was clear and precise with everyone using the ingame group mics. Harlander is an excellent Squad Leader. Cleared the first cache, we crossed the road. Two of the comrades got hit but needed healing. Lucky enough, I had a smoke handy to provide cover.

    5 minutes later, 2 fallen men picked back up thanks to me, we were back in action. I told the leader I was heading upto the roof for a better view. Spotted an enemy far north near Alpha's position, I fired. Pretty damn sure the guy was injured but not dead. Then a bullet hit my skull by the enemy egg. Turns out I didn't get any kills. Hmph.


    Attacking Commander. I was the commander of the attacking army. Plan was this: Alpha and Bravo take the northwest side dried up riverbanks in the crappy ladas, Charlie and Delta take the northeast side of the dried up riverbanks using yet again crappy ladas. Echo was codenamed special forces and charged at the villa. I was in charge of the dhskm tripod.

    With everyone following the plan and giving me status updates, some of the squads requested to split into different. I said alright. One squad didn't have CC up so communicating with them was problematic. I head into the main town to drop off one part of the tripod and then headed back to base to pick up the second since the medic couldn't pick it up. Then the game crashed. Told everyone to hold position and they did. Excellent.

    2 minutes later rebooting ARMA 2, I was back in the action with no problems. Told everyone to carry ahead while I drove back into town to set up the tripod. Operation Chaos was a go: Fired upon the villa with all the bullets, not one of them spared mind you, Alpha and Bravo were near the villa north side, Charlie and Delta east side and Echo the south. They raided the villa and shot everyone... however, there were some friendly fire accidents since we weren't sure who the enemy looked like.

    Charged into the villa from town since the tripod was out of bullets, I lit up the villa... with the lada. Exited the lada, looked around, everyone was chucking grenades in the area. Good work! We crept into the villa, shooting anyone. I got hit by a friendly, Mike DS tried to use first aid on me and it worked after 2 minutes. I proceeded outside the villa while giving out glorious commands and demanding the cocktail goat to be released, I got shot by the enemy.

    Then the enemy named "Cheese" decided to teabag me. With this final insult, I told everyone to get to my corpse and kill every fucker who was near me. We managed to win this victory with some sort of crazy plan and friendly fire. Excellent.

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    Cross post from Folk thread

    Alpha1 FTL. Alpha squad was ordered to take cover in the Shapur2 compound and wait for the convoy. What Alpha didn't expect is that the compound was filled with hostiles. One teammate died almost immediately upon disembarking (Wolfenswan I believe). We carried on to the north-west, clearing out the compound.

    When it was cleared, we took up positions in the north of Shapur-2 near some walls, overlooking the road. Then we heard rotors, and a Hind flew right over us. Killa, the RPG guy, immediately fired his RPG at the hind but it missed. On the second fly-by Killa hit the Hind in the tail, it started smoking and flew away, presumably crash-landed. The ensuring celebration was interrupted by a SECOND Hind, spraying rockets on Charlie I believe, and killing a lot of them. I was feeling very exposed on the open, and ordered Alpha1 to take cover in the house just over the road. Killa went to go scavenge more rockets for his RPG, while the rest of us stayed in the house, killing the convoy.

    Then I went to the roof, and something shot me, no idea what.

    I was Opfor puppeteer, Local insurgent group 05 to be precise . My group was part of the main assault force that assaulted the enemy town from the east. The plan was for 2 diversion squads from the north and south to engage the enemy, and then we would quickly move in and slaughter them from the flanks. The diversion plan failed as the main squad opened fire on enemies. I ordered my AI to do a glorious death charge. I heard a request from comrade Kefirz that enemies are right next to him, on the eastern hill with rocks. I ordered my remaining AI's (3 of them), to go there. In the ensuring battle on the hill, we killed 2-4 hostiles. And that was it, nothing stopping us to march into the village. Then we heard the game message, choppers refueled.

    In the village, my AIs died and I was alone. on TS, an enemy squad was reported on the northern side of the village. I went all sneaky and approached the enemy. They were lined up to a wall, shouting something to each-other via VON, 3 guys I believe, you could hear them from a mile away . I opened fire on them, killed one from the first burst, the others returned fire. While firing my AK, i strafed behind a building. Waited for a bit, then ran around the corner and shot them all. As I was standing over their bodies, victorious, I got shot from the hill to the west, 50 meters away, by a hidden guy.

    The rest is well documented in the posts above

    I was Automatic Rifleman in Alpha1 (I believe). I missed the briefing screen, as my PC overheated. I had to restart, luckily I got in just in time the game started. We were driving our humvees at the main entrance to Zagrabad. When we arrived there all fireteams split up, left the humvees behind, and took their own designated route. First contact was made, a guy crawling around on the mosque. Then our fireteam encountered an enemy in a building complex just ahead of us. We sprayed bullets at the guy, and he hid. We carried on, but then we got bogged down in shootings. I climbed a building and saw an insurgent standing on a balcony, looking at me. I proned and let loose my volley of death, later I saw on the debrief that it was Zitron. The hivemind ordered us to advance over the road, deeper into enemy territory and we did.

    We were all lined up near a wall, waiting to advance over to the next street. Suddenly, automatic fire killed my FTL. I had no cover, didn't know what to do. Turned around and saw that sneaky insurgent Ice standing in the window of a building behind us. I had just the time to turn around as he shot me, and then he shot the entire 2 fireteams that were there.

    I was on the side that was defending, Delta fireteam lead. Deltas orders were to hide back on the north-eastern side of the compound, and when the enemy came inside the compound, we would strike from the behind and kill them all! As we were overwatching, we saw two transports driving on the riverbank. I advised command, he said to engage or to hide back, my choice. I decided to hide back as they had atleast 8 men in the ladas and we had only 4 and no automatic weapons. We lost track of the ladas later on. We heard shots, the compound was breached. Delta arrived late to the party as we had to heal up a teammate who got injured by rocks. We flanked some of the enemies, but we were killed pretty fast.

    Anyway, my first folk session, thank you for hosting, was very fun!

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    Crosspost from the folk AAR thread

    Awesome session guys. Thanks to the hosts who are doing an increasingly heroic job of managing our gigantic playercount.

    Shapur Raiders

    Tigershark: Bravo Squad Leader
    Joseph/Sulphur: Bravo Medic

    Seems like Wolfenswan's missions are getting more and more fiendish. I enjoyed this very much, but I suggest in future versions allowing us just a tad more time to set up before we start getting ripped to shreds.

    After a few minutes of cruising across the open desert in our V3S, we suddenly started being fired upon. I was navigating for Tiger, so I just told him to put the pedal to the metal and aim for the buildings to our right. Luckily the village in question was our intended target, so I patched up the wounded and then shat myself as a Hind started strafing us.
    Tiger then told me to heal the CO (Bodge) and his medic (Ghandis) who were incapacitated behind us. I managed to find and heal both of them whilst being shot at by the Hind's 12.7mm cannon, which was not a pleasant experience. I rejoined Tiger just in time to stop him from shooting a member of Alpha squad, and then we proceeded north to take out enemy infantry.
    We had some fun close quarters combat, but we were eventually whittled down by sheer weight of numbers and another Hind.


    Tigershark: Independent squad 1, Independent CO
    Joseph/Sulphur: Independent squad 8

    I was afk for the slotting, and when I returned Fer told me to take one of the puppetmaster slots. When we got into the mission, Tigershark's plan was to have the main force attacking from the east, with distractions in the form of his unit attacking from the south-west and Fer's (squad 9) attacking from the north.
    I linked up with Bodge, and we had a pretty scary firefight in the woods, with mist obscuring enemies and muzzle flashes suddenly appearing metres in front of us. Eventually our AI swarmed the enemy's position in some rocks and we continued into the village. I looted a PKM and got into a compound in the eastern part of the town. From a rooftop vantage point I spotted a hostile and dropped him, but this alterted his fireteam members. I got down to ground level and peeked around the compound wall, seeing an enemy sprinting right at me. I emptied some bullets into his chest, and then hid for 5 minutes under suppressive fire.

    At this point I heard someone groaning in pain just on the other side of the wall, and leant out, shooting another enemy crawling towards me. Things quietened down, so I started sweeping the town, eventually joining Unaco on top of the big mountain.
    Unaco spotted a couple of enemies inside a building, so I rushed in and shot them (PKM is best CQB weapon). Unfortunately, Fer had already ordered BLUFOR's two choppers to come and rescue them. Unaco, in a moment of pure genius, popped a smoke grenade on the roof of the house and myself and Cheese quickly scaled the ladder, already anticipating the hilarity which was about to ensue.

    We heard the choppers before we saw them, but eventually the two aircows flopped out of the thick fog above us and I blasted about 100 rounds into the engine block of Rawrnix's Mi-8. He then lost control and crashed into the other 'copter. I was in hysterics for the next 5 minutes, by the end my sides were literally hurting from laughter. It was probably one of the best moments I've had in Arma. Great mission all 'round.


    INDYFOR: Unaco
    Alpha FTL: Cheese
    Alpha AR: Pirate
    Alpha AAR: Iceraiser
    Alpha RPG: Joseph/Sulphur

    Since I was in the same fireteam as our very own Cacheola MLGpro Iceraiser, I was anticipating great things from Alpha. We were tasked with defending a cache in the smaller Zargabad mosque, and I got up into the minaret to do some spotting. After a pretty long wait I saw some humvees moving into Zargabad from the north, and was shocked to see nine of the fecking things. It really brought home just how many comrades we now have participating in the glorious agrarian struggle, and how outnumbered INDYFOR was in that particular mission.

    I continued relaying positions and putting down markers as they got closer. Eventually someone saw me and I fled the compound, taking up a position inside a building. I saw an enemy's head peeking over a wall and landed a pretty lucky headshot with my AKM. I eventually killed two more BLUFOR and wounded at least 2 through a building archway, but was shot by Ebass while retreating. While this was happening Ice polished off like 5 BLUFOR, and I believe Pirate got a few as too. As always it was entertaining to spectate the last few survivors being hunted down.


    Independent CO: EBass
    Bravo FTL: Bodge

    Most of us hid on the roof, as per Ebass's plan. We suddenly started getting hosed by the enemy dishka, and then most of the team got taken out by frag grenades. Only myself and belenoroth were left alive. At this point I realised I could look through the floor into the main villa. As Draakon pointed out this wasn't very sportsmanlike at all, but I was kind of panicking at that point so I used this glitch to lob a grenade and kill 5 OPFOR. Belenoroth accidentally incapacitated me with a grenade, but managed to revive me. Unfortunately an OPFOR shot me as he came up the stairs.

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    Some shooting, confusion and other things happened in the session, but the shootout in Karavan with Indy guys in the rocks 50m away from me was epic, managed to kill them all, and there were a lot of dead corpses, and at the end of the firefight it was only me and my medic standing from a 10 man squad.
    After that saw the last heli fly in the town and I opened up with my RPK, and he fell down behind a hill from me, after that heard some hysterical laughing and figured that we won.
    Can anyone confess who were those guys in the rocks there?
    After all the session was very fun and lucky for me because I ended up in the top 10's in every mission.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kefirz View Post
    Can anyone confess who were those guys in the rocks there?
    That was my squad, charlie :)

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    Shapur Raiders: I played an AT attachment for the first time, and unfortunately missed that I was the driver. 30 seconds into the mission, I lost sight of the rest of the troop and went into what I thought was the right direction. We turned up south of our objective, and my assistant (dannysaysnoo) got shot by something, so I hurried north to get a medic. Danny died on the way there, I tried to revive him but he was glitched into the wheel so I couldn't do CPR. At our mission objective, I witnessed the horrible destruction of an entire fire team by a rocket salvo and charged there to heal somebody. While I was lying next to a wall to check for hostiles, I was killed by what I guess was an RPG or a grenade on the other side of the wall.

    Karavan: I ran around with CO mingmong as DC Medic, and we got more or less pinned down in a house in the middle of the village. In all the chaos that was going on, suddenly the house was blown up (!) and all the soldiers that were in the house had gone somewhere else? I went from window to window to check for enemies and even got some, I also confirmed in TS that ming had been killed, since he didn't answer. Before I could tell the side chat that Command was down, Wolfenswan (I think) told all the survivors to meet at his location. On my way there, although being very careful, I was shot.

    Cacheola: Again running around with CO Rawrnix, this time as a normal trooper. Even though I kept my distance from him, we were both killed by an RPG. m0ntag, the medic, survived as he always does.

    Cocktails: I was in Delta under Halop, during our lookout one of our guys got wounded by a ROCK! And I tried to help him. After several heroic attempts to drag+first aid, it finally worked. When we went down from the Rock of Death, he tripped and needed first aid again (this time it went much quicker). We were pretty late to the party and my fire team was slaughtered in seconds. I survived, in cover, and thankfully I knew where the enemy was. One of our wounded was merely half a meter out of cover, so I tried dragging him behind a house to revive. Infuriatingly, the "Drag" command refused to appear, and on my third try I misclicked (->revive), and was shot while doing CPR.

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    53 Slightly belayed but this was my perspective of Cocktails!

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    There was someone in tank meaning I couldn't hijack it. Got killed by nearby enemy troops. I got greedy and paid for it.

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