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    Rock, Paper, Salty Let's Beat the Snot Out of Each Other, Together!


    Now, I may not know much about fighting games, but I do know that playing one by yourself is about as much fun as Gish. Given King of Fighters XIII's recent inclusion in a bundle (Act now! Quantities aren't limited!), the long-awaited release of Ultra Street Fighter IV, and all the recent discussion about the genre, I was surprised that we didn't have a group already. So I went ahead and made one! Hopefully there's enough interest that we can start holding tournaments, but my acumen is lapsed enough that I'd feel more comfortable with informal sparring matches anyway for the time being.

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    I'll check back when Tekken 7 is released. KOF looks too fireball and combo based from the trailers.

    EDIT: mind you, I approve of this!
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    I plan on purchasing the bundle but have never played a fighting game for more than 10 minutes so that should be interesting.

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    I have Ultra Street Fighter IV, Injustice and Mortal Kombat all of which I have never played against anyone online in. Mostly because I am dreadful at fighting games but enjoy them nonetheless :)

    In fact I didn't realize I had Ultra SFIV, just checked Steam since I knew I had SF IV and it seems to have updated whatever one it was that I had to the new Ultra one, always good news!

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    I'd be very up for some of the fighting. I have USF4, KoF and skullgirls, and I'm terrible at all of them.

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