Howdy y'all! Yes...I know...I sound southern...well...YOU GUESSED RIGHT!! (O.O) I'm from Texas, but you'll learn more about me and the other folks in [KoTD] when you join. :D

Who are "The Knights of Twitchery-Do" you ask?? Well...we're a gaming community who share our passion for playing games with one another! We introduce each other to different games. We play practically every single genre known to man (and woman) (^_^)

We currently have a teamspeak server, and an 8 slot minecraft server...but we are looking to expand!! (^w^)

Can I give you some gaming examples of games we play?? OH!! OF COURSE!!

Mortal Online, Minecraft, Day-Z, Arma, The Realm of The Mad God, Trials of Ascension, Guild Wars 2, just to name a few..

Now...I must warn you...if you are looking for a giant gaming community, i'm sorry...we are currently small...but VERY ACTIVELY recruiting!! :D So if you like what you see here, and wanna check out our WIP website...please message me, and I will send you the teamspeak and website info.



King Erinvale