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    Knowledge bombs, knowledge bombs, knowledge bombs!

    Fata, EE and Notail drop some tremendous insight into how a pro mindset, drafting strategy, laning, teamwork and communication between team members work at the Summit 3.

    I love how the three of them double check or re-confirm with each other if something is right or not. Then they actually debate on the merits of a team's choice without disparaging the choice or the team or the player.

    Its a wonderfully energetic and humorous cast as well. - Secret vs LGD game 1 - Secret vs LGD game 2

    I strongly urge that you see their post game analysis. They debate some pertinent points in depth.
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    Those were amazing casts, thanks. I really like notail as a caster. He doesn't hype, he's just naturally enthusiastic and you can really tell. Very enjoyable.

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    I've really enjoyed the Summit. Still don't know who won, so going to try to catch the final games tonight.

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    loveable nerds talking about dota2 strategy while queen of pain gets a killstreak and says lines like "exquisite agony~" , pfhahaha. loving this.
    Pretty much all 3 of theze are NSFW sometimez. Also very political.

    Ingame; SophiaButler VS, SophiaTraitler NC, SophiaBuTRler TR.

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