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    Rock, Paper, SHAZBOT!: The RPS community Tribes: Ascend server.

    EU Amsterdam
    Steam group

    YOU THERE! Yes you wonderful young person of excellent breeding! (if not young, it matters not as I presume you have wonderful genes). Do YOU want to play Tribes Ascend with lots of wonderful peoples avoiding the terror of Public server drama or just play with regular Shazbotters with a reliable frequency for logging on?
    If so JOIN US on the RockPaperShazbot server for fun and frolics!

    Where is the server?
    RockPaperShazbot is a server located at the EU Amsterdam and has roughly 3 games a week (more on XP weekends or Patch weeks, less when the people putting the games up are feeling lazy).

    Since showing is far easier then explaining for an idiot like me, here is a vid on how to find the server. (warning; awful stammering fake accent and the need to use classical to make it more classy contained)

    I'm in America. Is that not too far away for me to get a good ping?
    Actually from the feedback of most of the regular American Shazbotters that the pings are actually quite stable and low for a transatlantic connection. People from all parts of the world are welcome!

    How about Australia or NZ?
    Ah... well we have not had too many people play from said regions so I cannot comment on how stable connections are from there. (TO BE UPDATED)

    When do you play?

    Usually Wednesday, Friday and Sunday starting between 8pm and 9pm GMT. Two of those days will be CTF (usually Friday and Sunday).

    What? You don't only play CTF?
    Yes, on Wednesdays we typically alternate between Arena and C&H (Capture and Hold) to add spice to the proceedings.

    You are stupid! Tribes is all about CTF!
    Well, sorry you feel this way, however there is no obligation to join in on the Arenas / C&H games. With two CTF nights there should be enough action to sate us all.

    By playing on custom servers will I not get XP?
    You do get XP actually, and if the arena nights are anything to go by, you get a LOT of XP at that. Badge accolades that give XP (such as die from falling or getting 100 mid-airs etc...) are not given and neither is Weapon XP. If you want to grind guns or armor up you will unfortunately have to play a few Public Games.

    Do you use any form of VoIP?
    We are currently freeloading on the ArmA RPS Mumble server, please see the thread there in regards to how that works. Some people use the Steam chat to talk also if you wish.

    Do you have a Steam group?
    YES! Yes we do. Please join it RIGHT NOW! From here we arrange most of our games and post news as to how RPS Shazbots.

    Who owns the server?
    At the moment that is ME! (in game Lemmington). Any questions or problems can be thrown my way. Please pay attention to the subforum here as to any polls being made in regards to the server's upkeep and gametypes / rules. Please note that over time the owner may change around.
    If you wish to be a mod for the server ask away, however bear in mind I wont suddenly throw modship to people I don't know (yet).

    Are you deathly serious and competitive?
    Not really, but some of us are (to be updated)

    Are there any server rules?
    Just dont be a git really. Treat this the same as the rules laid down by lord Jim.
    If someone is being a git, then mention it to a mod and hopefully we can sort it out.

    A Juggernaut is killing me all the time! He is being a git!
    No, he is doing his job quite possibly or just playing well. So long as its not friendly fire we will not penalize people for playing the game well.

    The server is empty right now and no games are being held. Can me and a friend use it to ski about?
    Sure. If nothing is happening the server is free to be used by anyone as long as it does not disrupt the arranged games.
    Note that due to the fact we have different game types being played the server may suddenly change its gametype without warning. Please pay attention to what is being played and when.
    It should also be noted that if you decide to pull in a load of peoples for a quick PUG or what-not and it overflows into a regular prearranged game, blocking the chance of regulars to play then indiscriminate kicking may occur.

    Post to be updated later when I get my brain in gear.
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