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    Outside of the Pub (Pick-up game and competitive info)

    Here is some general information about pick-up games and competitive play.

    If you are interested in more organized and balanced play outside of public matches you can always try out a 7v7(up to 9v9) Pick-Up Game (PUG). All you need is a microphone and mumble to join one.

    A very complete guide to setting up and getting started:

    In a PUG you will choose a role and stick to it while playing. Everyone uses mumble to coordinate for a more team-oriented game.

    If you have lots of extra time and are interested in competitive play I suggest registering on Gameshrine by clicking here.

    We just entered the first RPS tribe into a tournament - the nimbleTourney #1: Pathfinder 5v5 CTF Cup EU (we are in Division 8).

    I don't know if there are any plans beyond the 5v5, but other teams are generally recruiting.

    Anyone more experienced with this sort of thing *cough*evilbobthebob*cough* please feel free to add more.

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    Thanks for putting this here, i allways assumed that to be way more complicated.

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