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    The biggest problem with Destiny that Bungie will never fix...

    How you're forced to play...

    How I want to play...

    (Both pics where taken in the same spot)

    The FoV is so frigging narrow it makes me feel sick, I just want the ability to change to FoV so it looks like when you're in third person. Sadly though you cannot do combat in third person or with a higher FoV....

    Makes the game unplayable tbh.

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    2,354 a third person shooter instead?

    Or PC FPS?

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    He just wants a wide fov to look around with ease as if the game was in third person.
    Shouldn't break the game

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    Lower FoV sometimes give sickness to the player, which I think I misread in the OP. FoV limits are in to limit on screen graphics. You can change your distance from your TV to help, but is not always a fix. On a PC it is a lot harder to adjust your sitting distance from the monitor.

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    I didn't have a problem while playing though others I guess can.

    Tbh my problem is the horrific autoaim, which is what I thought this thread would be about.

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    Locked FoV always sucks, especially when it's locked low as it is for most console games. Furthermore, seems kind of pointless to make a first-person game in which you can equip items to several different slots. For all you know, your character doesn't actually change appearance in-game when you equip new items...just in the item loadout screen.

    At the very least let the player choose whether to play in first or third person. It's supposed to be an MMO, not just the leftover FPS bits of Halo.

    Bungie dropped the ball with Destiny, and most of its issues are not quick fixes, but rather inherent design flaws.

    If you want to explore genres outside of your comfort zone, you typically don't experiment with that much money being dumped into development.
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    Agreed, locked FoV ... why? Its know that makes gamers sick.

    It has not lived up to the hype.

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    Locked low FoV is one of my biggest bugbears about modern FPS (or FPS like) games. I guess a wider FoV means more stuff to render, but giving players some leeway would go a long way to easing some player's problems.
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