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    The BRUTAL disco: Lets talk about Brutes.

    Ok, here we go CLASS DISCUSSION!

    Since the Brute is both a heavy and one that can sort of go fast its been a long term favourite of mine. He is fat, loud and annoying to pretty much everyone around him making him the life of the party. Doombringer and Tech hate Brute, but Doombringer hates everyone and cant bring himself to dance because he is sensitive about his size. Brute cares not for such silly things and dances the night away.
    Stupid stories aside, here are the rather stupid loadouts I use and was wondering if anyone has any advice on them and maybe share the loadouts they use.

    Loadout 1: Baby, disco is F**K!
    Prim: Gladiator
    Sec: Plasma Cannon / Nova Colt
    Belt: Fractals (Poss change to ext Fractals)
    Pack: Sheild
    Per1: Safety Third
    Per2: Survivalist

    Blatant AoD (Area of Denial) setup, both for Generhating and HasselHoFing. While outdoors this setup is horrid (unless you are the master of midairs) indoors its a damn powerhouse. Safety third giving you the ultimate disco force in the gen room and Survivalist keeping the shields up (also, thanks for dieing! More disco for me!). I suppose the fractals can be swapped for the light sticky if you want more Gen-busting powers, but the Gladiator is more then enough for this normally.
    Once the gen is down this is a rather nice setup for Short range Flagstand pummelling. On maps like Katabatic two fractals and a bit of gladiator spam is enough to shift most HoFs off their perch. Also not as potentially deadly to a friendly PTH storming by as a Jug’s mortar rounds if FF is on.

    Loadout 2: Fatfinder
    Prim: Heavy / Dev Spinfusor
    Sec: Nova Colt
    Belt: Fractals
    Pack: Energy
    Per 1: Reach / Ultra Capacitor
    Per 2: Lightweight / Egocentric / Potential energy

    The flying fat! Obviously no-where near as good as a PTH for capping when it comes to pure speed, the fact you can pick up almost as much speed as a soldier in theory mixed with the fact you have a sheadload of HP helps a lot. EDIT: Its been a while since I played much. After screwing about on some pubs and the RPS evening I noted Perk 1 will be Reach or an Ultra Capacitor while Perk 2 I switch between Lightweight, Egocentric and Potential energy as needed. The PotEn and Ultra cap is a nice mix and permits you a HUGE energy pool for a heavy class which is enough to be fully mobile. Lightweight is fun to use, but you have to be really careful with the impulse shots you do. One too many and you defeat the point in using the Brute.

    Loadout 3: Arenafat
    Prim: Devastator Spinfusor
    Sec: Any, depends on mood
    Belt: Light stickys
    Pack: Survival Pack
    Per 1: Safety Third
    Per 2: Survivalist

    Basic arena setup. Devastator for Yellow Plate Specials (which I never get) and shotgun as a secondary most of the time as a finisher due to the fact most fights happen at close proximity. I use the stickies here as opposed to fractals as Arenas / TDM settings are not really accommodating to them. If someone in a large open area decides to stand in a fractal zone then its their silly fault, but people over bronze generally don’t do that. Survival pack over the shield pack for mobility and health.

    So, aside from my awful hack-jobs at making load-outs what do other people use for the king of fat?

    DISCLAIMER: I’m not really trying to give advice here, just trying to promote discussion regarding what you use with the classes you play.
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