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    Are these I44 sessions playing Arma in our normal style, but with I44? I'd be up for that, but the stuff with giant multi-stage missions and radio operators we did before was too much for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelron View Post
    Are these I44 sessions playing Arma in our normal style, but with I44? I'd be up for that, but the stuff with giant multi-stage missions and radio operators we did before was too much for me.
    Yes you pansy.

    pfft RTO are hilarious.

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    Well, this was an interesting run...

    Delta RMAT (sans AT)
    The entirety of my fireteam got killed on initial contact, leaving me to advance up the road, taking potshots as I went. I was felled by a foul enemy coward that hid among the civilians.

    Charlie AAR
    After somehow sorting out transport, we landed just to have half of the officers glitch out and start doing the moonwalk. Charlie got killed soon after, but there was some amazing flying to be seen by the end.

    B2 AR
    Whenever I'm handling an AR I feel like I'm wasting ammo.
    Charlie got into some trouble early on, and the rest of the force pushed on. We were soon encircled, lost mech. support, and enemy armour was fast approaching. The mission was a goner, but there was much laughter to be had from spectator mode

    -Cacheola (coop)
    B2 AAR
    Amazingly, the mission was finished with a grand total of 5 casualties!
    One of them was even killed by INDFOR!

    Alpha senior.
    Oddly enough, Google Images for "cat on PCP" returns this:
    And so it was.

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    Bravo FTL
    Bravo started close to the Northern road while rounds pinged into walls all about. We moved onto the road, crossing it and securing a firing position in the Northern set of houses, where we eliminated a few stragglers. After taking a quick round to a non-essential appendage we proceeded to secure the junction and the majority of the convoy, which we then proceeded to eliminate with Ice's MG.

    BlackFolk Down
    Bravo FTL
    We boarded our blackhawk and after waiting for other choppers to get in position moved off towards our LZ. As we were descending a large amount of HMG fire hit the side of our bird taking down the majority of Alpha. The blackhawk floated slowly down as it's engine failed but thankfully was only a few feet off the ground and we dismounted and proceeded North with Harakka being the only suvivor of Alpha and Wolf (the pilot) in tow. We moved to the road heading North/South and got heavily engaged taking several wounds and losing our AR to a medic system bug. We moved to form up before an assault on Yarum, our first target only to have numerous enemy infantry moving towards us from Yarum and the North. Large amounts of AR fire took them down and we moved up with CO (Tigershark) and swiftly clearing Yarum of targets (apart from some highlander type).

    As we were regrouping we were tasked with assisting Fox who were holed up, surrounded in a two storey building just to our West. We cleared the buildings to find two members of Fox who then join us as we cleared the Airfield and awaited further orders and the arrival of Charlie/Delta. Our AI friend decided to run into Zarg at this point and out of pity myself and Death by DnB went into town to get him up encountering a few enemy riflemen and getting eyes on a large group to the East. We were on the move to the Mosque (Now with Echo in tow) so brought up our appropriated HMG offroad and cleared the market where the opposing squad had holed up. A final clearance of the mosque led to the capture of the enemy HVT before the AI that i had revived earlier decided to shoot him in the back before i could stop him. Mission success!

    Charlie were tasked to sweep in front of Shilka 2 on the mountainside to protect it's advance. It was all going well for about 5 minutes when Charlie 1 got wiped out by RPG fire from the other hill, Charlie 2 got incapacitated by infantry to its front and rear and the Shilka was hit from who knows where. By the time we got off the hill thanks to bravo's relief there were 5 of us left, 3 of C2, 1 shilka crew and myself and we formed up on the road heading to Alpha in town. We secured the now burning shilka 1 as Alpha got them up only to take heavy fire from just about everywhere, a tank, apc and spg were firing on us and the casualties piled up. We were left with myself and a legless Kale (I told him to go easy on the spirits). I went South with the survivors and liberated a Fal from a dead foe to assist clearing out the opposite ridge, taking down a couple of infantry and a static MG. It was at this point the charge was ordered so I stood up loosed a shockingly poor RPG at a ZU only for it to pour a burst of fire into my face.

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    I missed Halted and BlackFolkDown was already in planning when I joined and all the JIP slots had been closed.

    Flask; I was FTL for the award winning Alpha2 (Award winning in that we had the world famous Tink in our group), that was a lot of fun. It was pretty relentless - kudos to the COs for forcing the pace. We ended up next to the road much of the time watching out for the engineers (basically keeping Fer alive and ignoring his swearing when he was being relentlessly fired upon), that, and plucking burning bodies from burning shilkas, sadly i was among those that were killed at the mosque - I have no idea what hit me.. Still, I got to watch Tink and that award winning tank rush at the end so it ended well.

    Cacheola; I was the AAR in Skabooga's squad but only until Dannysaysnoo died, then I stole his SAW and became AR - but never actually fired it as all was pretty much done by then. Also, we stole an enemy truck and amused ourselves by driving around in front of the rest of the fellows forcing our SL Waffly to repeatedly shout over TS and CC to prevent friendly fire on us, in the end he got really angry and we were told to dismount by the big spoilsport.

    Cholo; I sat on the roof opposite the police station and mowed down anyone that moved inside. I was so smashed on the PCP that I didn't even see the spiderman stuff. It all appeared normal to me... man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harakka
    Blackfolkdown was a really fun experience for me, though I imagine it was less so for the rest of Alpha fireteam, led by AstuteCat, as you can see from the first one and half minutes of the following video. I only cut the initial organisatory bit so it's fairly long as I survived all the way to the end. There is also a fairly crafty surprise attack attempt by the enemy at around 44:30 mark.
    Clips are fully loaded, and then blood floods the lawn

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    Hey guys, posting in here because can't be assed to make my own thread!
    Hate to be missing all these sessions but am currently in hospital for those who are wondering where I have been. I probably won't be back home for another week and a bit, but will be straight back on Arma when I am!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Phalanx View Post
    Hey guys, posting in here because can't be assed to make my own thread!
    Hate to be missing all these sessions but am currently in hospital for those who are wondering where I have been. I probably won't be back home for another week and a bit, but will be straight back on Arma when I am!
    Get well soon, comrade! Or let us know and the Party can send some men to spring you. We have a whole bureau dedicated to this task. For instance, did you know that we can now hide a disassembled Makarov and a clip fill of ammunition in a bunch of seedless grapes? And that's after the two bottles of vodka.


    Also, cross-posting:

    Quote Originally Posted by fer
    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrard Carson
    EDIT: Apologies! 's been edited :zoidberg:
    Thanks for making the edits, comrade Carson. Your AAR post is great stuff, as was your post from last week - please keep these high quality contributions coming, comrade! Or face arrest and indefinite detention.



    DC: Fer
    |- M: Ferrard Carson

    Because it makes perfect sense having comrades with similar names in the same element. :eng101:

    Comrade CO Phil, returning from a break, had a simple plan: dominate the main roads. Accordingly, Alpha/Bravo/Charlie (under the CO) would rush the southern road, whilst Delta/Echo/Fox/JIP (under me) would rush the northern road. The CO was non-specific about what we would do next, but this being a hasty ambush, the part where we 'kill everything in an olive green uniform' should be pretty self-evident.

    I reached the northern road a little behind my fireteams. A gunnerless enemy technical was drifting down the road from the east, so I shot the driver. Crossing the road itself, comrade Ferrard and I were treated to two second-hand FN FALs. As I attempted to talk to my FTLs, I decided to take up a position on the north side of the road, by a low wall, from where I could direct the westward-assault. Sadly, an unseen enemy shot me down and that was the end of me.

    From the great beyond, I watched as the platoon managed to kill every single enemy, completely forgetting about the 'withdraw to safety' objective, opting instead to fire their weapons into the sky.

    Welcome to Folk.



    Charlie FTL: Fer

    After an amusing mini-game of logistics at the start (thank you to all comrades for being patient whilst Comrade CO Tigershark got everyone into their designated transports), Charlie and Delta's Blackhawk set off for the north-western IP with DC/Echo's Littlebird not far behind.

    When they aren't flying into hillsides / each other / enemies, transport helicopters can be instant atmosphere. So it was that I enjoyed looking out of the side as the other force's birds flew off towards their own IP south of the city. There was some banter, but it was good banter. Mercifully, nobody felt the urge to get their BHD on, so Party officials didn't have to insta-execute anyone. Though the Party was aware that, at home, comrade Tigershark was wearing replica high-speed/low-drag combat trousers but naked from the waist up and clutching a framed photograph of Ewan McGregor, this had been deemed within the 'acceptable mission risk envelope'. Anyway.

    Our birds moved off from the IP, flying low as per comrade DC Draakon's orders. We were peppered by rifle fire at one point, but got onto the deck safely at a flat location just north of the villa complex. Forming up in a loose line, with my Charlie on the far left, we mounted the steep slope and began our ascent.

    Then I crashed. Someone else crashed. A few people crashed. I couldn't even see my cursor. I hit reset.


    I came too [re-joined] in comrade Zitron's Blackhawk, which was parked in the foothills to the east. After re-establishing contact with my detachment, it became clear that comrade Killa had taken command - comrade Draakon was dead, and so were the men in my fireteam. No point asking command to risk a bird just to move me 500m. Time to run.

    Near the villa, an AI medic passed me going the other way. Then he wasn't AI anymore - he was comrade Wolfenswan, and he was up next to me, and we were heading towards the villa. I entered from the northern side of the compound, comrade Wolfenswan from the eastern. Contacts were reported between the barracks block and the villa, but I only saw one dead body. Crawling through the garden from the villa came a friendly fireteam, and soon I had hooked up with Wolfenswan again. I moved to the main gate and took up position watching down the approach road. Nothing.

    Just as the villa complex appeared to be clear, enemies attacked through the barracks block gate. I saw an AR go down in the gap and popped smoke, edging forward into the white to retrieve him. A few enemy rounds clipped me and suddenly I was also helpless on the floor, and the chap I'd gone to save had stopped moving. More shouting. More friendly bodies, and at last a majority of fire was going out of the gate, not in. Comrade Wolfenswan patched me up and I did a quick sweep before returning to the front gate. Then I crashed again.


    I came too [re-joined] where I had been before, crouched at the front gate. This time the villa complex was empty, and only an oddly-parked enemy technical betrayed our earlier presence. Radio chatter and the buzz of helicopters told me the action had moved to the centre of town, near the main mosque.

    Killa was still commanding our detachment, so I contacted him and cleared things so I could jump in the Technical and make a dash for the mosque. I had not cleared things with the enemy, and angry men at the roadside peppered my little vehicle as I drove quickly through the streets. Perhaps this was their method of enforcing urban speed limits. We'll never know. I made it back to the main force in time to board the Blackhawk and fly to freedom.

    With all the disconects this was, for me, more The Time Traveller's Wife than Black Hawk Down, but it was great to witness the platoon in action. Very well done to all comrades, but especially to comrade Tigershark, who demonstrated that with the right leadership, even we can mount air-cav style missions!



    Engineer: Fer
    |- Engineer: Draakon

    The engineers were to be split between the Shilkas, so I sent comrade engineer Draakon up the hill in the red Land Rover to shadow Shilka 2. I walked along the main road with Shilka 1, hanging out with comrade Phil's Alpha squad and its various brave fireteams.

    A volley of rockets fired high from left to right between the two hills began the action, as the enemy's patrols exercised their advantage in elevation. Our Shilkas, in turn, exercised their advantage in multi-barrelled shooting of explosive ammunition. We plodded on through the narrow valley under almost constant incoming and outgoing fire of all calibres.

    On the hill to our right, it seemed bad things were happening to our forces. Shilka 2 was in flames (I could see the column of black smoke from the valley road, but not the wreck itself), though comrade engineer Draakon had been pulled from the flames and was making his way downslope to join me near Shilka 1.

    As we became more aggressive, with Shilka 1 pushing further up the road and engaging enemy armour directly, I found myself re-prioritised to clearing mines from the road. Whilst under fire.

    The first cluster of mines was the hardest to clear. Despite putting smoke down on the spot, enemy small arms fire continued to zing past me and hit the tarmac near the spot where I was attempting to work. I was driven back to some ruins, and when I returned it was to work in plain sight (the smoke having dispersed). Still, I got the road cleared and hid in some nearby ruins whilst the fight raged around me.

    Our assault edged forward again and I found myself looking at another, much larger cluster of mines at the village entrance. Yelling to the soldier next to me for cover (poor comrade JRides), I hopped over the low wall and began clearing mines. The enemy fire was less intense this time and I was able to complete the task quickly. Shilka 1 rolled over the inert munitions and entered the village. It felt like enemy fire was coming from all sides now, but cowering near the large, multi-barrel beast also felt strangely comforting.

    Shilka 1 burst into flames and I was caught in the blast, my legs smashed to bits.


    Someone managed to stop me from bleeding out, but for the next few minutes I was reduced to crawling around the road, desperately calling for medics who were long since dead. I was crippled.

    Further down the road, an enemy BRDM appeared from a small valley and began engaging us. I called it in, stood (as best I could) and emptied rifle rounds into it until it killed me. Seconds later.


    Cacheola (coop)

    CO: Draakon
    |- M: Fer

    Actually, I really don't have much to say because I never saw the enemy and spent the entire mission accompanying comrade CO Draakon as he moved about. However, from my perspective it seemed like the mission was run extremely smoothly, with Alpha and Bravo squads making quick work of their repective search sectors. Nice job, comrades!



    I've actually been fairly ill for the last week, and have sustained myself using an interesting selection of of pills. Last night, I was taking these:

    Clearly, the pharmacist mis-heard. I said P-C-P, sucker! Anyway, I was a cop in this play-through, so of course I wasn't under the influence of illegal narcotics. Unfortunately, my plan to hover in the darkness of the building site and ambush the gang-bangers was undone by the sheer speed with which they invented the spiderman attack. Only it wasn't speed. It was PCP.


    Great session, comrades. I hope to see you all again at next week's Folk Sunday session (or perhaps sooner, in the ARPS Tactical Tuesday session). Remember to bring your friends!

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    Echo FTL
    We started furthest away from the RV and by the time we managed to make it to the group point Delta had been completely wiped out along with our SL. We secured the road taking only 1 casualty and I sent my AR up to higher gorund to provide overwatch whilst Nutty and myself moved up. We quickly came under fire and I pulled out a grenade, carefully made sure I had good elevation then threw as hard as I could. Unfortunately the enemy had craftily placed anti grenade trees in the way. I could only watch as it bounced back towards nutty and incapped him.

    I tried to revive him but was shot from some unseen enemy. This did give me the chance to spectate as our forces after completely wiping out the enemy decided to stay in town rather than retreat.


    Engineer Assistant under x25killa
    We were sent with Charlie, Delta and MMG to secure the Villa to the north and it was all going so well until we landed. Upon arrival as we started to move towards the Villa the entire command structure for our element was DC'd (I had a lovely view of someone running on the spot whilst a bemused looking ai stood next to him). With no one commanding it got a bit messy as the enemy closed in on us but Killa stepped up to the plate and regrouped us behind a rock. I tried to sneak out and grab the MMG from it's previous owners cold dead hands but an enemy technical spotted me and turned me into swiss cheese.

    Well done to killa for taking over command and completing the mission, it was very impressive considering the start we'd had. Also good work to Tigershark for getting us organised at the start.


    Alpha 2 AR
    You know it's going well when you have used up all your ammo before even reaching the town at the start of the AO. I tried to scavenge what I could from dead bodies and had quite a hairy moment as I lifted ammo from a corpse next to Fer screaming for covering fire. As jrides said the pace was pretty constant even once the Shilka had been reduced to a burning wreck but by the time we had made it to the other edge of town I don't think there were more than 10 of us left alive. I started into the valley when the order to charge came and I watched as a ZU lit up everyone who was left. Running low on ammo for my main weapon I got to the end of the valley and saw enemy infantry to my right I used up the last of my ammo on them and then got out my secret weapon. Luckily I didn't have to waste my ammo on mere men as I noticed a Tank driving straight for me. I unloaded on the tank which I'm guessing exploded with such force that it killed me too.

    Cacheola (coop)

    Bravo 3 FTL
    Bravo 3 was split in half and took 2 humvees to support Bravo's 1&2 as we moved in on town I lit up a couple of enemies and almost lit up a couple of friendlies too. The fog was making target identification very difficult but luckily I managed to avoid killing anyone who will be missed. Comms was interesting as I tried to juggle TS, Fire Team VON and Vehicle VON but I just about kept control of things until one of the people in the other humvee DC'd. We watched as it shot off into the distance firing wildly and attracting a lot of fire. Eventually he reconnected and the vehicle was brought back under full control but by this point there wasn't many enemy left and we were victorious without taking any casualties in Bravo 3. Hooray!

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    [AAR] Tactical Tuesday22/08/2012 - With vanguard beaten we can finally move on

    What a turnout, more than 50 people in August with quite a few of new faces. We died a lot but there's also quite a bit of killing going on and amazingly, even victory.

    Here's the list:

    • Vanguard (beaten!)
    • Cratesistance (Blufor nearly made it)
    • Poctalon (still not quite working but most died anyway before it came relevant)
    • Warlords (fun with UAVs and Draakon took the route that's known as "Cheesylane")
    • Rescue
    • The Takedown

    I'm too tired to come up with a good recap but I had a lot of fun and I'm happy to see new people turning up. Please give feedback about what you liked and what you didn't. Don't be disheartened if you felt completely disoriented: we've all been there. It gets better.

    I like to remind you about the session of our comrades and friends (strictly platonic, no matter what Tigershark wants to tell you) over at FOLK on sunday and the I44 Saturday (Arma2 WW2 Mod).

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    I made screenshots:

    Pictures from Vanguard:

    And pictures from Rescue:

    The unofficial RPS Rising Storm group!

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    Nice photos ivan, although my dead body in the last photo of rescue brought a tear to my eye.

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    crazy stuff from cratesistance...

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    Nice screens indeed. :)

    Also, I somehow managed to complete fail to lead Bravo to any massacres this week, a sure sign of improving.

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    Another excellent session! The fact that we managed Vanguard is a bit scary for me.

    Vanguard - I was in Bravo last time this was attempted, so I joined alpha in order to escape "glory". I was in Slerbal's team and had to fight PTSD as our helicopter landed. After about five minutes, I ate a rocket. So much for Bravo being the glory squad.

    Cratesistance - Indfor bravo AR. We watched a cache, but moved on to surround some capitalist scum later on. I lost my legs, so I crawled behind my fireteam as they proceeded to execute wounded soldiers. We made it, yay!

    Poctalon - C2 AAR. As we flew in Rush's ill-fated helicopter, we started taking fire. All of the people around me died, and I hoped that I had escaped death's clutches, but, sadly, got shot soon after. Damn. It looked like a really interesting mission.

    Warlords - BLUFOR A1 AR. I died like an idiot. Nothing more to be said.
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    Never played this mission, but I have always heard of it's reputation :D, also was first time commanding a mission bigger than 8 players. Drew up a rough plan, I wanted everyone to advance in a line.. through the desert... with no cover.. OK. In the start for some reason the gunner slot in the tank was inoperable, so there goes my only hope of ever killing tanks, as MAT was attached way south at charlie, but they did score a lot of hits at armor I saw.

    Everything went quite smoothly actually, right about the very end. Me and my medic got shot by a ninja BRDM that sneaked by our lines somehow. And then, we won? woah that was unexpected, I thought we were calling it.

    BLUFOR Alpha FTL

    Alpha was the "diversion squad". We rushed through the field to the cache, hoping to catch some bullets so bravo and charlie can finish them off, but alas no luck. We ran to the treeline, turned south, and we were facing the cache. Saw a guy running there, player no doubt.
    We were fired upon. Kefirz died almost immediately, rest of us were incapacitated. By the time we took the cache, and charlie came to revive us, I was the only one left alive.
    I joined up with Bodge's charlie and we moved on. Flanked some indies, but then a whole fireteam of rebels came from the west and shot us all.

    I also played a little bit of Pocatalon, but my PC died by the time we made first contact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike View Post

    crazy stuff from cratesistance...
    Fame?! At last!

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    Alpha SQL

    One does not take a squad lead position on vanguard with the intention of:
    1. Seeing the end of the mission.
    2. Seeing most of your squad survive past nango.

    It was a great surprise then, when alpha crushed its opposition to the north of the compound and pushed on. Despite being pinned down at a small clutch of cover just outside of nango by hmg, pkm and spg-9 fire (Harlander hid behind a pickup that took 4 rockets), we fought on. With great suppressive fire from Aido and lewis from mmg, we made it to the compound with few casualties.

    We moved to sweep our part of the compound and meet up with tiger and his battering tank. Harlander took lead, and was subsequently cut down by 14.5mm fire. We moved on though, undeterred. I then took lead in our sweep and pushed along a wall to the east. I peeked around the corner to see, not 20 metres from me, the brdm-2 that had murdered Harlander. I screamed over mumble to pump rpgs into it. I think somewhere after the 3rd I told them to stop. It was disabled.

    The rest of the sweep was fairly contact free. We met up with tiger and dealt with a btr-40 and technical firing into the compound from our east. Orders then came down that alpha was to continue north east. On leaving the compound I saw a Dshkm on a rooftop in the north west stronghold. I told tiger to get the tank to distract it long enough for alpha to continue.

    The T-55 dashed off towards the town, taking fire from everything. I believe it reached the town centre before being disabled. Alpha, not ones to leave comrades to die, launched a daring rescue mission for the tank. We reached the town after a great many injuries and deaths. I believe at one point all but one man in the squad was incapped. However, we fought on, and reached the town, taking our first stronghold.

    We set up inside the town while we waited for the engineers to fix up the tank. Turns out they had been travelling in a captured pk technical. Something I had neglected to tell my squad, resulting in the death of the engineer gunner (sorry!).

    The situation at the town was one of both awe, we'd made it to a stronghold, and one of hopelessness, we had 1 rpg left to fight off 2 t34's and a technical. To make matters worse, our next stronghold had a direct line of sight from both the south-east stronghold and the central mortar base.

    However, we pushed on. We began our attack as charlie attacked the mortar base. The bushes and shrubs of the approach were a mixed blessing, giving us great cover from the marauding t34s, but also giving the AI many places to hide and pull an Arma 2 mass murder.

    The fighting proved to be sporadic at best to begin with. But as we got closer to the stronghold, resistance stiffened. The bushes and trees of the approach gave way to a bare ridge in en-flay from the various machine guns of 2 strongholds. To worsen this, mortars started to land near us, and then on top of us. These turned out to be friendly, which was good as it meant victory was near, but bad as they had just murdered 3 of my brave squad.

    The mortars stopped falling, we neutralised the hmgs and advanced on the town just as victory was called. Cake wil be distributed to alpha medic, both alpha fireteams and mmg when it is available. Good job alpha!

    Will post more later!
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    That first shot is excellent.
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