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    [AAR] Tactical Tuesday22/08/2012 - With vanguard beaten we can finally move on

    What a turnout, more than 50 people in August with quite a few of new faces. We died a lot but there's also quite a bit of killing going on and amazingly, even victory.

    Here's the list:

    • Vanguard (beaten!)
    • Cratesistance (Blufor nearly made it)
    • Poctalon (still not quite working but most died anyway before it came relevant)
    • Warlords (fun with UAVs and Draakon took the route that's known as "Cheesylane")
    • Rescue
    • The Takedown

    I'm too tired to come up with a good recap but I had a lot of fun and I'm happy to see new people turning up. Please give feedback about what you liked and what you didn't. Don't be disheartened if you felt completely disoriented: we've all been there. It gets better.

    I like to remind you about the session of our comrades and friends (strictly platonic, no matter what Tigershark wants to tell you) over at FOLK on sunday and the I44 Saturday (Arma2 WW2 Mod).

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    I made screenshots:

    Pictures from Vanguard:

    And pictures from Rescue:

    The unofficial RPS Rising Storm group!

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    Nice photos ivan, although my dead body in the last photo of rescue brought a tear to my eye.

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    crazy stuff from cratesistance...

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    Nice screens indeed. :)

    Also, I somehow managed to complete fail to lead Bravo to any massacres this week, a sure sign of improving.

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    Another excellent session! The fact that we managed Vanguard is a bit scary for me.

    Vanguard - I was in Bravo last time this was attempted, so I joined alpha in order to escape "glory". I was in Slerbal's team and had to fight PTSD as our helicopter landed. After about five minutes, I ate a rocket. So much for Bravo being the glory squad.

    Cratesistance - Indfor bravo AR. We watched a cache, but moved on to surround some capitalist scum later on. I lost my legs, so I crawled behind my fireteam as they proceeded to execute wounded soldiers. We made it, yay!

    Poctalon - C2 AAR. As we flew in Rush's ill-fated helicopter, we started taking fire. All of the people around me died, and I hoped that I had escaped death's clutches, but, sadly, got shot soon after. Damn. It looked like a really interesting mission.

    Warlords - BLUFOR A1 AR. I died like an idiot. Nothing more to be said.
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    Never played this mission, but I have always heard of it's reputation :D, also was first time commanding a mission bigger than 8 players. Drew up a rough plan, I wanted everyone to advance in a line.. through the desert... with no cover.. OK. In the start for some reason the gunner slot in the tank was inoperable, so there goes my only hope of ever killing tanks, as MAT was attached way south at charlie, but they did score a lot of hits at armor I saw.

    Everything went quite smoothly actually, right about the very end. Me and my medic got shot by a ninja BRDM that sneaked by our lines somehow. And then, we won? woah that was unexpected, I thought we were calling it.

    BLUFOR Alpha FTL

    Alpha was the "diversion squad". We rushed through the field to the cache, hoping to catch some bullets so bravo and charlie can finish them off, but alas no luck. We ran to the treeline, turned south, and we were facing the cache. Saw a guy running there, player no doubt.
    We were fired upon. Kefirz died almost immediately, rest of us were incapacitated. By the time we took the cache, and charlie came to revive us, I was the only one left alive.
    I joined up with Bodge's charlie and we moved on. Flanked some indies, but then a whole fireteam of rebels came from the west and shot us all.

    I also played a little bit of Pocatalon, but my PC died by the time we made first contact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike View Post

    crazy stuff from cratesistance...
    Fame?! At last!

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    Alpha SQL

    One does not take a squad lead position on vanguard with the intention of:
    1. Seeing the end of the mission.
    2. Seeing most of your squad survive past nango.

    It was a great surprise then, when alpha crushed its opposition to the north of the compound and pushed on. Despite being pinned down at a small clutch of cover just outside of nango by hmg, pkm and spg-9 fire (Harlander hid behind a pickup that took 4 rockets), we fought on. With great suppressive fire from Aido and lewis from mmg, we made it to the compound with few casualties.

    We moved to sweep our part of the compound and meet up with tiger and his battering tank. Harlander took lead, and was subsequently cut down by 14.5mm fire. We moved on though, undeterred. I then took lead in our sweep and pushed along a wall to the east. I peeked around the corner to see, not 20 metres from me, the brdm-2 that had murdered Harlander. I screamed over mumble to pump rpgs into it. I think somewhere after the 3rd I told them to stop. It was disabled.

    The rest of the sweep was fairly contact free. We met up with tiger and dealt with a btr-40 and technical firing into the compound from our east. Orders then came down that alpha was to continue north east. On leaving the compound I saw a Dshkm on a rooftop in the north west stronghold. I told tiger to get the tank to distract it long enough for alpha to continue.

    The T-55 dashed off towards the town, taking fire from everything. I believe it reached the town centre before being disabled. Alpha, not ones to leave comrades to die, launched a daring rescue mission for the tank. We reached the town after a great many injuries and deaths. I believe at one point all but one man in the squad was incapped. However, we fought on, and reached the town, taking our first stronghold.

    We set up inside the town while we waited for the engineers to fix up the tank. Turns out they had been travelling in a captured pk technical. Something I had neglected to tell my squad, resulting in the death of the engineer gunner (sorry!).

    The situation at the town was one of both awe, we'd made it to a stronghold, and one of hopelessness, we had 1 rpg left to fight off 2 t34's and a technical. To make matters worse, our next stronghold had a direct line of sight from both the south-east stronghold and the central mortar base.

    However, we pushed on. We began our attack as charlie attacked the mortar base. The bushes and shrubs of the approach were a mixed blessing, giving us great cover from the marauding t34s, but also giving the AI many places to hide and pull an Arma 2 mass murder.

    The fighting proved to be sporadic at best to begin with. But as we got closer to the stronghold, resistance stiffened. The bushes and trees of the approach gave way to a bare ridge in en-flay from the various machine guns of 2 strongholds. To worsen this, mortars started to land near us, and then on top of us. These turned out to be friendly, which was good as it meant victory was near, but bad as they had just murdered 3 of my brave squad.

    The mortars stopped falling, we neutralised the hmgs and advanced on the town just as victory was called. Cake wil be distributed to alpha medic, both alpha fireteams and mmg when it is available. Good job alpha!

    Will post more later!
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    That first shot is excellent.
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