As usual I am being an awful server admin and never attending games, but my current CRT monitor makes Tribes a horrid headache of blur (although Adam Smith has tempted me with evil) and Dark Souls, as bad a port as it is, has grabbed me by the balls and wont let go.
Regardless of these shortcomings of badness that is me, noticing that the server is now kind of rolling along by itself so to speak so I'm not panicking and being worried that the server is an underpopulated graveyard I've been thinking again about how to structure the games played on it.

Since CTF Blitz has been implemented and seems to be relatively well received by server goers (it seems?) I want to rotate it into the played games for each week, however its possibly best not to have it constantly as that may make it samey before it has a chance to flourish. Not to bog things down I was thinking about cutting the regular Friday CTF out and replacing it with Blitz and C&H on alternating weeks (still objective based games not heavily focused on people aiming and shooting) while Mutant Rabbit and Arena will alternate on Wednesdays (modes focused on shooting people a lot). The SUNDAY SHAZBOT will remain untouched as thats the main pull event for the week(?)
Alternatively I could change the Sunday game to accommodate the new mode, but not sure if Friday would be the best day for the CTF focus for the week. Alternately I leave things the way they are with rabbit, Arena and C&H on Wednesday and then running with the two other CTF nights as usual.

So, what do people think?