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Super turn-out, comrades! Big welcome to all the new faces - on behalf of all the hosts I hope you enjoyed the session tonight and will join us again soon. There was plenty of death, including an epic run-through of comrade Housemaster's Folk classic River Assault (remixed by comrade Wolfenswan). However, I'm not sure anything could have prepared us for the glory of a fully role-played Cholo. Comrade IceRaiser would surely win an Oscar for his portrayal of a crazed PCP user if we gave out such things. More to follow, but please post your thoughts / feedback / media here!

Comrades, you all rock. Even comrade Tigershark.

NB Apologies for locking this tread, but I started it after lots of comrades had already posted in the the official thread, so it's a little late to ask them all to cross-post.