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    Help me, RPS folks!

    With the news of a new expansion pack, I decided to login just for the hell of it. Note that I have not played since the event where Scarlet captured the queen (or something along those lines, the storyline wasn't very memorable), so that's what... 1 year ago?

    My first reaction was one of confusion, being so rusty and all. Then I noticed changes like the crafting cap to 500, LA getting wrecked, new UI elements, etc. I also couldn't help but feel a little twinging sensation playing the game: I still felt like I was almost already burnt out on the gameplay mechanics. I felt ineffectual, weak and awkward.

    Since I see a lot of people still post here, I wondered: what makes you tick? How did you survive the grind to level multiple characters to 80, to get crafting maxed out, to grind a legendary weapon? I'd really like to get back into the game because the first 200 hours were an amazing experience and I still love that such a game exists, but I don't feel compelled to play and it feels like all the goals I could set my sights on are depressingly distant, with the road paved by grind and hurdles.

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    In short: take your time.

    There are long term goals, such as getting ascended armor and weapons, a legendary, dragon rank in SPvP etc.

    And then you have short-term goals, such as getting a char to 80, decking it out in Exotic gear and seeing all the content. You don't need the harder to get items above to enjoy the game really.

    We've got a lot of old-timers in the guild that can help you with advice about various aspects of the game. And trust me, as long as you play what you like, you'll start accumulating materials and gold, allowing you to work towards your long-term goals.

    Getting multiple alts to level 80 is pretty much a long-term goal... whenever you don't feel like playing your main you do a bit of crafting (grants xp), dailies (+xp), wvw/eotm (+xp), spvp (+xp) etc. See where I'm going with this?
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    what Noaru said, for me I just set myself targets so over that past couple of weeks I've been taking my mesmer around all the diving goggle spots to get that elusive dive master achievement, that also helped get a bit more map completion on that character.

    There are still loads of different things to do but the general mechanics of the game won't change so don't burn yourself out on it.
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    For me what is important is knowing goals, and knowing what you enjoy and don't
    Over the past 2 years goals have varied from long term (legendary), medium (get dungeon master title, run all duingeon paths in a month) or short term (get the wine bottle collection). These have changed constantly, but the times I havent had a goal or 3 are when I enjoy playing less

    I enjoy dungeons, the story stuff and as long as it is with folk I know open word and wvw. I steer clear of the stuff I dont enjoy like pvp and the latest open world farm.

    Most importantly was getting out of teh mindset - I must log on to grind x - I must do 3 world bosses to collect y - do the stuff you enjoy and only grind if the goal you have is worth it. You can get gold by doing most things in the game - do the ones that are fun.

    Most importantly, the people - I and most of the old timers here would have quit years ago if we didnt have a great bunch of folk in the guild to play with
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    As a fellow 'quit for a long time and returner' I've found GW2 to be ridiculously friendly to returning players. It's the fact that whatever goal you set yourself there are always a bunch of other things happening along the way, to divert you as much or as little as you like. Events offering the chance at hot loot, hidden jumping puzzles to find and players to help. I did manage to log in for all the living story stuff and started playing bits of it but it's nothing amazing so far.

    If you haven't already I would recommend acquiring a set of exotic armour. You can use karma, gold, WvW tokens or find the mats from high level mobs to craft it. Getting a decent set of gear lets you kick more arse and look fantastic, what's not to like! That and developing a good build seemed to open up WvW and soloing in high level zones a lot more.

    Have enjoyed playing on alts too, all the different weapons and mechanics take a bit of getting used to, it's fun experimenting to find a build and playstyle you really like. And seeing more of the zones you skipped on your first character.

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