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    Double XP Weekend (Fri 10am EDT - Tue 10am EDT)

    It's Labor Day Weekend in the U.S., so that's my guess as to why.

    Enjoy! I'll be playing at least enough for a first win each day.

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    Double xp=double prizes!

    I'll be giving away some stuff in tomorrows matches(barring some unforeseen event that prevents me from making it in which case someone else will give away prizes). At least 2 games(hence the double) maybe more if the matches are going well and we're having fun(when don't we?).

    The prize will depend on the population of the server: more people = bigger prizes. Most of them will come from the latest indie bundle or payday or something else depending. Nothing overwhelming but free stuff is nice!

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    Great. Been neglecting tribes for long enough due to tf2 mvm, so this should help me get back on.=)

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    Woo hoo, brilliant timing, my missus is away this weekend! Not had much chance to play in the last two weeks but I'll be all over it this weekend (if I can tear myself away from Dark Souls...)

    Hope to catch up with some of you chaps again. Tribes name is Efterklang. Colonel J on Steam and Mumble.

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