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  • Rebound
  • Dolina Dash
  • Outpost Bean
  • Slippery Eel
  • Fuel Raid (After-session Party)

A lovely thank you to the 43 comrades who showed up at today's session! We started with one hell of a Co-Op mission in Rebound, wherein we took a very scenic route to the city and then got progressively more and more shot up. Then to Dolina Dash, where despite some horrific attacking situations, the UN managed to wipe out all but two (2) of the defenders! Outpost Bean saw the MPs get slaughtered by better equipped Bean Bandits on the way to some fabled boats. Slippery Eel finished it out, with Aziz evading the American devils, but abandoned by the posh UN chopper that he was supposed to board.

After session, a gang-raid against the fuel station of "Proving Grounds" ended relatively quickly when Danny climbed into a tower and got shot, while the rest of us dudes ran for the hills in panic.

Again, thanks for attending, and I hope to see y'all again later this week!

:clint: ~ Ferrard