NOTE: Long rambling crap that nobody possibly cares about. The long and short of it is at the end of the post.

Despite I seemed to inherit the crown of RPS tribes server admin I have been doing a bad, actually no, an AWFUL job of trying to keep the ball rolling over the past couple of months. So bad have I been with things that I have yet to see even the damn Technician patch in action!
My reasons have been numerous, strongest has been that my monitor did a Samsung (with it being a Samsung) and its cps bust. Going through a couple of CRTs (which were so wobbly playing something like Tribes on them made me motion sick) and a small borrowed 19" monitor I've been waiting for a new unit in the post for a little while now.
Looks like the new screen is DOA, and with that I admit my patience has run out. Life has multiple demands being thrown at me from all angles and running about bending my back out of shape simply to play some games is just no longer worth it.

What does all this melodramatic nonsense from a worthless nobody have to do with Tribes Ascend?
For the longest time I ran the server and it seemed the community was running on me putting up games. I admit I want to see the games keep on going (essentially knowing that the server is continuing) but I have a number of other issues to contend with and putting up games that I wont be playing and cannot monitor is not something on my agenda right now.
Thats where I, or more importantly, YOU need to help out! If you want the community to continue on going and growing into something larger, then someone needs to step up and take my place. Its not really to hard in all honnesty: List a game on the steam group, set a time and then from there keep that going.

There is a bit of an issue in the context that HiRez made the genius choice of linking servers to accounts so that unless I sell / give my account away the current RPS server is tied to me. If someone wants to take over I suggest they either pony up the cash for a new server or asks the community to see if they can come to some arrangement. The old server under my account will be open until further notice, but it will be set to CTF and there will be little to no moderation unfortunately.

Anyhow, sorry for this guys. Crap has happened and I'm just trying to deal with it.

TLDR: If you want the Tribes community here to continue somebody please step up and take the lead!