Howdy, would you like to play board-games with a small group in South London on weekends? Read on . . .

I'm the host and one of 6 guys who regularly enjoy board-gaming days at my place near Canada Water in South London. Because we are all working guys with competing social commitments and most all our games work best when there are 4-6 players we could invite 1 or 2 new folks to join us on occasion.

If you'd be interested in joining us, send me a PM and we'll take it from there :-)

About the gaming days

Always on a weekend and starting mid-late AM, ending around 2200 usually. We typically play a couple of long-form games and a couple of lighter, filler games to allow brains to unscramble. As the host I keep the drinks & snacks flowing, another guy manages the music, and another takes cool photo's. The snacks? Yes, like these divine creations.


About us

We are fairly keen video and board-gamers both, all with jobs and tilting towards the time-poor cash-rich side of the equation which means we tend to acquire more games than we can ever play more than a few times. This also means that whilst we do play quite often we are not competitive / masters with any of our games in fact if we have a strength it is probably the speed with which we learn new games.

Some of the games we play

7 Wonders
Battlestar Galactica
Core Worlds
Eldritch Horror
King of Tokyo
Lords of Waterdeep
Merchants & Marauders