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    I've recently been getting back in to Endless Space a bit, what with Dungeon of the Endless rekindling the ol' interest. And while playing against the AI is reasonably fun for a non-expert like myself, I expect the real meat of the experience lies in playing with human opponents.

    Is there any interest out there in getting a regular/semi-regular Endless Space group going? I haven't actually played multiplayer before, so I dunno if there are asynchronous options or what, but I do know (for me at least) for a 4X game, ES play really quickly so it should lend itself to a fun multiplayer experience, even if it's just 2 hours every other Saturday or some such.

    Anyway. Let's see!

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    Maybe a bit late for this, but sure :)
    I have no idea what I'm doing but I'll figure it out as I go along.
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