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    Anyone playing the Total War: Arena alpha?

    This is the RPS preview:

    This is where you can get an alpha key (free):

    This is the trick (important):

    You have to say you live in the UK or (I think) France. If you say you live in the UK you get your key instantly. If you say you live in the US, Zanzibar or Papa New Guinea (amongst others) you have to wait. So you live in the UK *wink wink*

    I started playing two days ago. Its quite good. Matches have a 15 minute timer, teams of 10 players, each controlling 3 units (infantry, spears, pikes, cavalry, archers, skirmershers, artillery). That's a total of 60 units fighting across a vast map (I think there are six (?) maps in right now).

    The game clearly takes some of its cues from MOBAs and WoT, but the base game is very fun (if you like the Total War games). Its quite unlike anything out there, even if it has its problems (early days and all). It's also possible to group up with friends, which is always fun.

    Anyone else playing it?

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    Fersumengin gave me a key to it and I think its really cool. But haven't been playing recently, I think it pairs people with low level units and high level units so pretty imbalanced.

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    The matchmaker will sometimes throw a crazy team comp into the mix, but generally its a reasonable spread (units stay within 1-3 tiers of each other). You have to remember that the player count is really low (due to closed allpha and people not living in the UK *wink*). In about 50 matches I have twice been paired with people way higher tier units, but it wasn't.

    What helps though is that even when that happens, basic Total War 'common sense' still applies. A tier IX cav charging into tier I spears will still have a very unpleasant time, and maneuvering your units is still the most important aspect of the game. I think this is the big ace in the hole for Arena right now, its mechanics (flanking etc) are still very sound, meaning usal free to play b.s. doesn't hamper it as much.

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