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    Rock, Paper, Fleetwipe: RPS vs. AI War: Beltsander of Worlds Edition

    Hi all,

    Would anyone be up for this? I guess 4 people is the maximum that is really workable. I've really got into it since the new expansion came out, although we don't have to include all the crazy stuff that's been added if people are less familiar with the game. A 2 hour session a week can start as an initial suggestion, and I'm GMT. If there's more people interested/odd time zones we can always have a couple of games on the go.

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    I guess it depends when and what settings you use to start off.

    I tried the game and I loved my time with it but I struggled to make any meaningful progress in the time that I played. It made me feel like an idiot commanding an fleet of tin cans against some unbeatable force. I tried a few times and just could not progress past a certain point.

    I have a few expansions but not all of them iirc so I don't know if that is a problem?

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    I heard the co op can be drop in, how does that work (Assuming i heard right)?

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    I might be up for this but I'm a total noob.

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    I would be up for a multiplayer game. I've always started single player AI War games but never got anywhere with them. Perhaps with someone else playing I won't bounce off the game as easily.
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