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    [AAR] Tactical Tuesday22/08/2012 - Witty Thread Title


    The Fall of Aziz
    The Generals
    Two Days to Retirement (Berezino)

    Post-session testing: Riverdispute

    The lower turnout allowed us to play an old mission, The Fall of Aziz, to great success, despite angry civilians. GosseChase will see some adjustments but what I experienced in Opfor was very enjoyable. Let's hope to make it an equal experience for Blufor in the next iteration.

    As usual leave feedback, comments, love letters to Tigershark below.

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    The Fall of Aziz
    I was the commander in charge of making sure Aziz got to his AN2 safely.
    However the spies within our ranks poured some poison into my tea making my vision go from this:
    to this:

    So I handed over command of my loyal troops to Aziz himself and sat down in a house.
    (restarted, checked drivers, restarted, reconnected) And I was still in the house! Woo.
    Found my loyal medic Head and we ran all the way to the airfield and into the An2.
    Aziz got there eventually and we won.
    Thank you Dogface(Aziz) for taking over. Great job everyone!

    Pilot of Blackhawk 1, Callsign "Fireball"
    Got Alpha Squad(commanded by Joe) in the back and we flew north, engaged a technical, dropped them off, circled, circled...
    It seems like the script for the hostages to report their position every 180secs broke so we had no idea where they were.
    After some time Wolf admitted that they were headed NW so we flew there and a rokkit/missile/bird-on-fire hit us and Fireball earnt her name once again.
    Seems to be some errors/bugs in that one but It'll be awesome when they're fixed.

    The Generals

    AR In Alpha 1.
    Alpha was tasked with running on the north side of the road all the way to the firestation so me and Joe went a bit further up north to the dirtroad and stayed about 100-150m ahead of our FTL to scout in case of flankers.
    We got past the firestation and turned south while our FTL and his AT secured the Firestation with A2.
    Seems like we hit the rear of OpFor and we shot some dudes while our gloriouz General was drinking tea in the Stationhouse.
    Overall lots of death was had and we either killed all OpFor or our General was in there long enough.
    Either way, BluFor won! (And I killed Head, woo!)

    Two Days to Retirement (Berezino)

    After much-much-much confusion we got into town, I ran a total of 30m before Joe screamed "They're behind us" and everything went white. D-E-D, DEAD! :(

    Some issues with mapreading but in the end we came up to the artysite.
    The LAV tried mating with the arty and everything died. We won :P

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    The Fall of Aziz

    Part of Delta Fireteam (of which I eventually ended up leading). Killed a ton of angry civvies, helped blew up a few technicals, had a friendly fire incident, a well worked mission if a little low on the ei count.


    Bravo 2 Fireteam leader. After leaving an AI behind (still not entirely sure where he ended up), got dropped off at Mogilevka which was mostly uneventful apart from Toppometer saying something about a 4x4. Unfortunately the VON quality turned to shit at this point and I couldn't tell a word anyone was saying. Zero enemy sightings until a magic missile hit our Helo and I accidently chucked an injured passenger out the side in my desperate (and in vain) attempt to eject in time.

    The Generals
    Carnage. After rescuing Toppometer at the crossroads, we were flanked by Blufor and by the time we'd managed to regroup and reorganise the train had left.

    Two Days to Retirement (Berezino)

    Commander for the first time. Following some CC mishaps I was left behind the hospital away from my intended position. Blufor drove straight past our defences and into several objects and what appeared to be two fireteams ran straight past me as I crouched down in a bush. Typically, the very last cop to walk past happened to turn around and see me hiding - I wasted him but got gunned down as I made my escape. None of the fireteam leaders lasted long but the gang members ended up winning!

    River Dispute;

    LAV parked in front of a machinegun as I was in commanders seat. Fired directly into my viewing slot. Instant death.

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    The Fall of Aziz.
    Echo Rifleman. After some nice compound clearing from the villa to the city center, with most suspense being felt as those filthy civilians traitors had an habit of pulling their gun from their ass the moment you stopped watching them, i was shot at a corner. Good Toppo got me outta there and fixed me up, but i had to face up to the facts: something was bruised in my spine and my legs weren't responding to my brain influx anymore. Comrade FTL Wolf did call a medic, but hey. Medic, no spinal surgeon.
    I could have stopped here and begged for some mercy lead in my face, but decided to give my death some sense and to charge/crawl to the airport. So here i went, (comrade Wolf, on his two legs, died at this point) and I crawled beyond our positions so much that i ended up being a scout, the tip of the spear. Death was spared to me, as i called and engaged a few contacts, some technicals and BTRs. My fireteam somehow managed to catch up with me, in spite of of my superslug speed, and i was wounded (again) by a secondary (was probably more of a tertiary) explosion on a needlessly destroyed BTR. I was fixed up again, and God injected His own Magnificence into the fingers of my saviour, who in turned injected his own fingers into me and bare-handedly fixed-up my spine.
    Allah Akhbar. I felt the Touch of Him, and understood Aziz was to live to fight another day, it was a part of the Big Plan. Unfortunately, i was told his uncompetent medic wouldn't suffer the same fate.
    We stormed the airfield, waited for ages, executed the doomed medic Kefirz, and after much exploderizing on the runway, we won.

    Alpha Squad Medic / FireBall 1 Crew Chief.
    Spent the whole mission in Ice's doomed chopper, Joe on the other minigun. We tried and give comrade Tiger "Stevie Wonder" Shark some indications about where he was supposed to go with his small-but-unfortunately-not-RC helicopter, until we heard a fatalistic "Tiger's going down" over the radio. Turns out he finally was about where Joe needed him, only his chopper had turned into a burning wreck. The absence of any life signs forced us to assume nobody could bail out before smacking the planet. By that time we had inserted our squad around Mogilevka, taken some sporadic fire, sprayed much lead on a technical in the woods, and had to bring ourselves to assume that somebody went up the ass of the two hostages and removed the mini-sputnik we had inserted there.
    After some communicating, we were told the hostages were moving North-West. Then the russians committed an act of war and we said hello to a SAM. Somehow two survived the crash, but the Bravo BlackHawk / FireBall 2 would swiftly follow us in our demise.
    Just so you know, i had a script error very soon into the mission, relative to markers (didn't have time to take notes about what script/what line it was, but i think it was due to a variable not being defined correctly). Looked like a really fun mission when sorted out though.

    The Generals
    BluFor B2 FTL.
    I liked the plan from the very beginning, and, under the command of our beloved SL Frou, we and B1 moved up to the train station in an astute bounding movement. I had my AR (Jrides) posted otside the building, along a wall, so he could SAW anybody that would dare and enter our newly gained territory. Zitron and myself, plus our squad medic Storm, were inside said building. I massacred the naughty Stranglove, as he tried to treacherously murder me through the doorway. At that point Fer had joined us inside. Seeing that my boys were doing a pretty decent job at holding the building, i got out from the other side and tried to clear the south side of the courtyard. Yet i ended up facing some legs behind a corner, and by the second it took me to identify the camo those were wearing, the whole body that was hiding above them had turned around and was facing me. Much point-blank suppressive fire was exchanged, and i finally died. We still won.

    Two Days to Retirement (Berezino)
    A2 (i think) automatic pistolman.
    After carefully choosing our positions, much confusion was had regarding what the hell was happening, and we moved to the hospital. I went there as much carefully, watching every corner to see if i could find some PCP and my guitar, and by that time my whole fireteam was down. I got into the hospital, which was pretty much surrounded by the whole country's Law and Order force (Protect and Serve, my ass) and found a comrade there (i think it was Zitron?). I yelled, urging him to crawl back to me so i could fix him up, but unfortunately he was Served tryin. Then some dirty cop came in, and after some more close range inaccurate suppressive fire exchanges, the thing that was supposed to be my lifeline (along my guitar-slash PCP-stack) ran out of lead. Death. Again.

    LAV driver.
    Decided to surprise the Takistanis with an invasion gift, and crossed the river on the south side instead of dying on that death-trap dam.
    That was after murderizing Fer's soulless body. Drove all the way up to the arty site without any contacts.
    At that point, being unhappy with comrade gunner Head's firerate, i tried to run over some guy in a static Dskm. Unfortunately one of his bullets went through the hull as well as my skull, and i died, my LAV slowly coming to a halt right in front of the devil's thing. Then the other comrades slaughtered the indigenous and we won.

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    I missed the first mission, but it was a fun session despite the hostage mission being broken.

    Goose Chase
    Alpha Squad Leader
    ASL Medic: Black Mamba
    A1: Cheesse
    A2: Sam

    One of my fireteams rode in a littlebird, the other in a Knighthawk piloted by Ice. Mamba and myself acted as door gunners. Washington's plan was simple, for us to orbit the likely avenues of escape of the enemy, and to use our choppers to deploy in blocking positions once we had a fix on their location. Alpha was tasked with the western sector, while Bravo took the east.

    From the start our plan got a bit confused, as suddenly it was decided that Bravo was going to land near Moglievka (the enemy's starting location) and assault it directly. This new plan being relayed over cc, combined with having to coordinate two choppers, made things very confusing for me and at this point I had a hard time keeping track of things and confused Ice and Tiger (who was flying A1's MH-6) with some contradictory orders. For some reason no one in Tiger's chopper was able to help him navigate so I had to handle that using his map marker, which was very imprecise and difficult to do while talking to Wash, Fer (Bravo's leader) and Ice.

    Eventually we landed A2 west of Moglievka to help with the assault, and we spotted a technical near a castle nearby. I ordered Tiger to set his bird down south-west of it, so that A1 could assault from that direction while A2 sprinted to attack it from the North East. Things got very confused, but I think Mamba managed to hit the techie with a burst from his M240.

    At this point it emerged that the hostages map markers, which were supposed to give us updates on their location, were not working. Tiger's LB was mysteriously destroyed, and A2 found the technical abandoned. I was confused and more than a little annoyed at this point, and with no chance in hell of tracking down OPFOR infantry on in the forest I said fuck it and just got both fireteams back into the Knighthawk.

    Wash ordered us to land to block OPFOR from getting to their camp while Bravo pushed at them, theoretically allowing us to catch them in a pincer move. Unfortunately as we flew North West our chopper was instantly destroyed by a SAM from the Russian base, even though the mission notes told us that they wouldn't attack unless we entered their area. I guess Tiger got hit by the same thing.

    Bravo's chopper suffered the same fate, and in the end there were a handful of BLUFOR stranded in the middle of nowhere with no idea where the hostages were, so we just spectated OPFOR's tedious jogging towards the end trigger. Head offered some light relief by escaping, but the mission was called.

    The Generals

    I was Alpha 1 AAR, and myself and Ice hooked north and got behind OPFOR without being detected. I shot a few in the back, incapping some and killing one, and then chucked grenades. Most of them were dead at this point, and our general was in the station, but Head (who was incapped at the time) dropped me, but Ice avenged me by coming in from the other side and killing him.

    Two Days to Retirement (Berezino)

    I loaded my trusty boys in blue into their squad cars, making sure we had as many as possible on the road for maximum psychological effect. One fireteam attacked from the north, while two followed me in from the south. I plowed my car into a wall, bailed out, ran for a bit, and got shot. Apparently those damn rockers with their guitar music won the day.
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