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    Thanks guys, that's a good thing to know for the future. At the time I dimly recalled seeing a video of someone effectively engaging one with an M2, but assumed I was mistaken once I was told to stop.

    Probably with good reason in that particular situation, but at least now I know it's an option when we next run into similar vehicles.

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    You can kill nearly all armored vehicles with sustained fire from a higher-than-rifle caliber. For example a BRDM2 or M113 can take out a BTR-90 and even BMP-2 (uses most of the ammo). However the AI abides certain rules when it comes to that, so it would never engage said vehicles with non-AP ammo.

    I think when I saw the M113 approaching we're talking about I relayed via CC that the M2's should open up on it but that might have drowned.

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