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    The RPS Social Club - Brighton

    Speculative interest post for seaside-based, RPS-related, booze-assisted shenanigans! Speak up here if you're interested in attending.

    I will try to make it along myself (it depends on quite how exhaustingly manic my toddler is come the day, basically), but in the meantime a couple of other chaps are going to do the heavy lifting of organising and will be along to start that shortly.
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    I'm one of those idio... volunteers. We'll gauge numbers and arrange a venue accordingly, any suggestions for venues are welcome but we're leaning towards The Fountain Head on North Road as long as there aren't too many of us.

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    Also one of the volunteers.. Lets hope we can get something together :D

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    A resident of Brighton I am, I'm sure my lovely wife might also be interested.
    I'm a bit shit at the whole "socialising in a pub" thing though.

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    I imagine a variety of games can be brought to help ease people into talking to strangers. I've got Fluxx, which is always a fun ice-breaker.

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    Hello! I am Lazytechsupport's lovely wife and long time reader, first time commenter here at RPS. :)

    I am absolutely up for Brighton-based shenanigans, especially of the potentially board game playing variety. I can keep an eye out for venues as well (there's a pub near the station that had a nice, quiet room upstairs that's hosted a few Nanorimo meetups, I think it's the Duke's Head?) and will keep you posted.

    Can't wait!

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    I can, come hang around at the back, not a resident of Brighton but hopefully no one will hold it against me that I'm from elsewhere actually.

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