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    Quote Originally Posted by zdeno84 View Post
    Just bought 'Frozen Synapse' on steam (on sale atm and also free to play this weekend) and you apparently get 2 copies with each purchase. Should anyone want one I can send it as a gift through steam.

    just PM me (leaving for the weekend, but will check when I'm back)

    edit: gifted
    Be sure to check out the Rock Paper Synapse subforum here to have some games with fellow RPSers.
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    Since I have too much strategy for my own good:

    Victoria II - A House Divided DLC
    Hearts of Iron III - Complete

    Giveaways are open to any forum member who's had at least 50 posts to the moment the giveaways have been created (that would be April 24th 00:40 GMT)

    To enter you need to login through Steam to the SteamGifts site (which is safe). Good luck!
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    Apparently me and everyone else got beta invites on Steam for Dead Island Epidemic. I haven't played it, and I don't think I'll have time to play it, but people who did play it murr occasionally that it's a decent-ish okay-ish experience. Ish.

    So hook me up on Steam or pm me your steam-certified email address if you want me to send you a key (I have three spares).

    I promise I will not sell your email address unless I get a really good offer.
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    I'm feeling kind today so if anyone would like my spare copy of X-Com: Enemy Unknown they can have it. My username on steam is DunCan. If you have some trading cards or CS:GO skins to trade that would sweeten the deal since I will sell these and add it to my piggybank for buying dirt cheap games but its not a condition.

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    If anyone wants it I have a Steam voucher for 90% off Space Trader: Merchant Marine going spare. This will take the cost of the game down to 35p

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