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    Everybody Smokes in Hell

    This here game is for all the stragglers and wastrels. We won't be having none 'o those fancy-pants big maps. None 'o those long games or short games. And none 'o those overpopulated maps like you get in the big city.

    This 'ere will be a good ol' standard map, for us more standard demon-types.

    Map Size: 14
    Map Type: Random
    Place of Power: Uncommon
    Game Length: 15 conclave tokens
    Infernal Census : Yes
    Rectification Content : Yes

    Speed : I will attempt to process one turn a day (turn submission allowing). If you will be unable to temporarily submit your turns please inform me via this thread, or you will be AI'd.

    Turn submission : Via dropbox

    Places are prioritised for any who were unable to get into the other game Helio just set-up (Fry With That). If you wish to join the game please post below and PM me your email details for dropbox.

    So far:

    Desvergeh - Ziq
    Battle Programmer Spike - Salamanca
    Dentharial - Fumiprincipe
    Flatline -Goatse
    Zak - zaknafein ooh
    Carnage4u -Rasheth
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