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    Bee fast! Bee ready! There can Bee only one!

    We are AXL Dynamics, a young game designer studio located in Poland, trying to make the big breakthrough! :) We are also passionate gamers, fulfilling our dream about creating video games. It's a cool job. We've just released our brand new mobile game dedicated for Android, it's so fresh that we still cant believe that we have actually made it :) The game is called „BeeBox!” and it is available on Google Play.

    Don't let the charming Bee fool you. Although it may look like a game for kids, because of the sweet character and really easy gameplay, it's actually a really tough arcade game, which will push your reflexes to the limit. One mistake, and you are... stung :) Seriously, one of our beta testers, big guy with years of video gaming experience was about to cry, cause he wasn't able to make 2000pts. And he got addicted :) The game is getting very good marks on Google Play, so you will definitely enjoy it. So get your “BeeBox!” and enjoy the challenge.

    Bee fast! Bee ready! There can Bee only one!

    Game link :
    Trailer link :
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