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    [AAR] Tactical Tuesday 16th October - Dam it

    A session consisting of little other than any ARMA player's favourite pass-time, dying profusely, all over the floor. I'd like to thank all the players who came along and, despite low numbers and some hiccups in hosting, made the session easy to admin and good to play in.

    Mission list:
    • Belenus
    • River Assault
    • Warlords
    • Generals
    • Cholo
    • Police Rescue (test)
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    This was my second time playing on a Tactical Tuesday. Had a hell of a lot of fun.

    Youtube playlist -

    Belenus - In which we figuratively try to destroy a brick wall for 30 minutes with nothing but rocks.

    We loaded up into trucks and held the yard of the factory to the north west of the area.
    With a handful of HE rpgs, we tried to take down a single BMP.
    It didn't go so well.
    Out-gunned and outnumbered we were slaughtered.
    Except for Wires, who did us all proud and ninja'd his way to the British compound, but was promptly taken down as he got too close.

    River Assault - In I which try to kill an enemy through sheer determination

    We attempted to hold a hill to the east of the bridge, but found ourselves being suppressed to an extent that a good number of our side become wounded and we had a few causalities.
    After picking off the defences at the first set of buildings on our side of the bridge, we push down towards them. Only a handful make it to the buildings, while some move through the forest picking off the enemy that were in cover there.
    We defended from a two story building and held off an advance from the enemy side of the bridge.
    Killed a mortar operator that had set up on the other side of the river.
    Explosions rocked the building and had to get patched up and move out before it collapsed on it. We later found out there was another set of mortars set up in another area.
    With three quarters of my original squad, dead or otherwise incapacitated we did what we could to defend the now occupied enemy side of the bridge. But we were caught unaware and were taken down.
    A very kind AI soldier refrained from killing myself and the team-mates bleeding and dying at his feet while we aimed at his face and struck metal onto empty chambers.
    We are picked off one by one.
    Enemy side wins.

    Warlords - In which I go for a pleasant drive through the desert.

    BLUFOR loaded up into 2x Humvees, and one medic truck. Then together we charged towards the OPFOR holding point.
    I got lost at one point and became separated from the team, but my passenger guided me to where I was supposed to go.
    It was over very quickly, and I didn't see what happened, but I noted the deaths piling up on the screen.
    Then BLUFOR won.

    Generals - In which I nearly kill my reason for being in Chernarus on some god forsaken beach in the dead of night.

    At night, with the threat of a flank and the responsibility of Alpha 1 we moved into the city from the North.
    Silence held as we passed the hospital, and the church. Then civilians were spotted moving across a field with weapons and we started to take sporadic fire from the south and south east
    Mistook a report over coms about enemy close on the Alpha marker and in a panic I friendly fired our General and took him down. He was able to recover.
    After spotting a single soldier to the south east of the Alpha 1 marker, who promptly disappeared ( This was Ice wasn't it? ) we sprinted to the train station. We held it for around 20 seconds before a explosion took our general out. I patched him up, but this small victory was short lived.
    A enemy took out the other OPFOR team-mate in the room through a door.
    I sprayed through the door, didn't hit a damn thing.
    I sprayed at the guy who came through the door, didn't hit a damn thing.
    The guy at the door took me out, then our General.
    BLUFOR wins.

    Cholo - In which I take command
    I was the commander for the police side. I had never played this mission before, and didn't quite know how it would play out.
    Trying to find a corner to hide in while feeling quite vulnerable from all sides, I attempted to hold the main staircase from the ground to first floor.
    As the police force was slowly whittled down I stuck to covering the staircase.
    I was shot immediately as the enemy force moved through the building.
    OPFOR wins

    Police Rescue (test) - In which I get lucky
    As one of the Independents I joined SpecialSoup and Aidan. Both of whom had automatic weapons, while I had G17, and two grenades.
    So we put up shop in a two storied building and bunkered down to see what would happen next.
    OPFOR pulled up in their truck and lit our building up completely. We were unsure if they knew where we were, or if this was just a coincidence. ( Later we found out they had spotted us on their map )
    OPFOR surrounded our building, at which time Aidan who was covering the stairs fell through a wall and was promptly shot to death, leaving SpecialSoup and I to fend for ourselves.
    OPFOR moved into the lower floors and Special Soup was taken down on the stairs.
    Two OPFOR push into the second story of the building.
    I kill them both with my G17
    Independent wins!
    The deciding moment

    This might be the last time I get to play with you guys for TT, 7:30 - ~10:00 doesn't quite work out so well any more. I had hell of a lot of fun this morning.
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    Belenus - Bravo Squad Lead. Windows decided to break my mouse and sound 2 minutes in, and when I rejoined my AI character had decided to start driving the truck again. Xenu, BM, died trying to save me and I tried to organise Bravo's remaining AT before I was told Zitron had taken it (Not sure where that came from) and promptly passed out.

    River Assault - I blame ASR_AI as I made the mistake of running along the crest of the hill and was promptly shot to pieces. Lesson learnt.

    Warlords - Opfor Bodyguard. Everything was planned to perfection, but once we actually tried to put our escape plan into practice we found there was not enough vegetation and too many rocks. BLUFOR riddled us with bullets.

    Generals - Alpha Squad Lead with Gandhi as my medic. A somewhat redundant role given that there was only one squad, we moved to try and catch out some of BLUFOR flanking to the north, then helped our commander when he was shot by a squadmate in a moment of madness. Caught out some nasty BLUFOR flanking medic.

    Cholo - Oh Dear

    Police Rescue - My favourite TT mission so far. Worked very well with just 17 people, Cops won thanks to Coat's pistol marksmanship.

    Need to make sure enemy units are not visible on the map for obvious reasons.
    Still not sure what happened to BLUFOR - the building INDY was in had an OpFor truck's headlights lighting it up and was just down the road from the APC. The rescue we were so desperately hoping for never arrived.

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    Belenus - A2 AT

    Huh? I don't understand why people think I stole AT?? But apparently I was the last one with a RPG (why do we only get 1 rpg round??), so I wanted to make it count. After several attempts at trying to get an angle on the warrior apc and getting wounded and revived, I was finally able to hit it, and nothing happened. Got killed during the retreat, and watched wires attempt to win for all of us.

    Police Rescue - Bluefor something

    We got to the APC, and were confused about where to go next, and were imediately engaged by Opfor. Got shot while shooting at the dead gunner in a UAZ.

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