Running Rabbit
Holy Stones
Slippery Eel
Slippery Eel Electric Boogaloo!
Chernolo (afterparty)
Chernolo (afterparty afterparty)
2 Days to Retirement Berezino (afterparty cubed)

A very naughty thank you to all SIXTY-NINE of you fine dudes who showed up for today's session! We love you all very much! Let us show our love for you in song! Or in awkward footsie under the table while everyone else looks on, completely horrified!

After a strange slideshow fever-dream involving infinitely multiplying briefcases and endless waves of angry Takistanis, we (successfully) escorted a tank down a hard-fought Takistani valley. Kitted out with full regalia, Rabbit was delivered to Garmsar, complete with singed bow on top, us having suffered a mere pittance of casualties in return (including one via Waffle-crash!). Holy Stones saw confused slaughtering of dudes who look like us as a nighttime melee erupted around Bakarru Market between the Jets and the Sharks Aziz and Azoz boys, with Aziz reigning victorious in death! Two runs of Slippery Eel saw many, many war-crimes, but an ultimately victorious BluFor - only victorious because ArmA doesn't simulate the media frenzy that comes with the words "Civilian Massacre!" Finally, we partied ourselves out in a nameless Chernarussian factory as we Cholo'd ourselves to a drugged euphoric state and dreamed of attacking a bunch of gangers as cops...

Hope you enjoyed the session everyone, and please, post your own impressions! My videos and AAR will come along... Soon(tm)!

:clint: ~ Ferrard