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    Are Those Whole Series Bundles Really Bargains?

    For some very high-profile and popular franchise with a new installment to be introduced, publishers would also release bundles containing all or some of the most popular previous installments, either as advertising for the upcoming installment and a means to squeeze the last drop of juice.

    You really think those bundles worth their prices? I start to doubt that. In term of gameplay, a franchise is often defined by a kinda gameplay, which does not alter that much throughout installments. Or if the latest installments out stand their predecessors, why should pay for the previous installments?

    And for the enjoyment of the game stories, in the age of Youtube, why dont I simply sit back with a large bowl of popcorn and watch in comfort?

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    Like any bundle, the best answer is probably "Sometimes".

    Some bundles flat out aren't worth the asking price, because you can get the contents cheaper during sales. Well, if you are at a time of year when you can actually expect such sales.

    People who already own most of the games in the bundle are generally not targets. But sometimes a person who has bought some games but not others will find that a whole series bundle can net them the missing titles for less than the separate purchase prices. Priced well, the older games generally are only a small fraction of the total price. If you need the most recent game or two (particularly if you already planned to buy it), or even the DLC, then you can sometimes find a deal in these bundles even if you own some or most of the contents already.

    Some are iffy because the contents are simply old and/or outdated. Some people will simply never play things like the first several Tomb Raider games, regardless of price. For them, even getting the games for a dollar is a waste of money. But at the same time, you have older people driven by nostalgia. Maybe they don't own the games on Steam, or maybe they played the games on console, but they have an interest in buying such titles. (For example, I bought the Tomb Raider collection during a sale for such a reason. I kind of wanted the reboot, and I wanted to own PC copies of the older games that I played on consoles. I wasn't going to buy the older games on their own, but the bundle with the sale became a reasonable way to get everything.)

    And of course there are the collectors and bargain hunters, who just get a thrill in buying a "deal" even if they never play the games at all.

    One thing to consider as well is that (unlike the days of physical releases) it costs publishers little to offer these collections, so it doesn't even really matter if only 1% of the community buys them.
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    I'd say that (like any bundle) they are worth their price if you plan on playing at least some of the games in the bundle. While I enjoyed the early Tomb Raider games way back when they were new, I know that I'll never get around to playing them again. Buying such a bundle is therefore useless to me. If it was a bundle that featured a lot of games I still wanted to play, I would buy it. The THQ bundle that Humble once had was amazing for me, it had a lot of interesting games and I hadn't played any of them.
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