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    Lockdown Protocol (public beta)

    Lockdown Protocol is a high-score-oriented shooter/platformer game with built-in level editor and multiplayer support. The game is available for Windows and Linux PCs.

    The game is currently under development in public beta phase. This is how it looks at the moment:

    Downloads and more information are available on game's official web page:

    You can follow the development on Facebook ( and Twitter ( too.
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    The game has now been renamed to Lockdown Protocol and new alpha version 0.11.0 has been released!

    This release focuses mainly on visual improvements and reworked single player score calculation. Here's the full list of changes since 0.10.0 alpha version:

    • Retextured all level blocks adding more details and shadowing.
    • Tweaked some of the level block models to better fit together.
    • Added simple blob shadows for human characters.
    • Changed level score to be calculated on the fly.
    • Implemented locally saved high scores for each level.
    • Added new menu for viewing high scores for single player levels.
    • Added floating text messages showing score gained from kills and picked up power cells.
    • Added floating text showing level title at start of level.
    • Replaced level completion page with floating texts.
    • Made object interaction UI fade in and out smoothly.
    • Optimized (reduced batches) name tag and other UI component rendering.
    • Fixed ugly overlapping corners in UI rectangles.
    • Added different skin texture for shotgun guard.
    • Added camera nudge proportional to recoil when firing a weapon.
    • Downscaled some way too high resolution textures for small objects.
    • Moved controller type selection to player settings to be asked at first start-up.
    • Kill streak and multiple kill detection for extra score.

    More information, screenshots and the downloads are available on the updated game page at

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    New alpha version 0.12.0 has been released!

    The most noticeable change in this release is removed line of sight visibility requirement. The enemies are now always visible like in most platformer games. This simple change makes the game much more enjoyable, since it removes the annoying unavoidable deaths when hidden enemy pops up right in front of you.

    Here's full list of changes since 0.11.0 alpha version:

    • Removed line of sight visibility tests so that enemies are always visible.
    • Replaced all explosion sound effects with much beefier ones.
    • Added separate stand pose to human animation for more natural standing position.
    • Made damaged walk speed limitation fade in and out smoothly.
    • Minor tweaking to human walk cycle animation.
    • Fixed AI treating flying body parts and grenades as obstacles.
    • Made AI react to door opening sounds.
    • Guards now slowly aim at targets instead of instantly having perfect aim.
    • Gave dragon AI ability to go around obstacles while attacking.
    • Fixed reconfigure scripts that broke due to executable name change.
    • Fixed dragon wing flap sounds not stopping when dragon dies.
    • Fixed crash on match start after deleting and re-downloading the used level.

    More information, screenshots and the downloads are available on the game page at

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    Public alpha version 0.13.0 has been released!

    Here's full list of changes since 0.12.0 alpha version:

    • Added new enemy called "jellyfish".
    • Added new weapon, the SMG.
    • Added one more single player level.
    • Humans can now be damaged and killed by falling objects.
    • Added basic guard speech using speech bubbles.
    • Added subtle ambient background sound to all levels.
    • Added key card indicator in HUD.
    • Fixed blinking player shadow on moving platforms.
    • Made all lines in UI look a lot smoother.
    • Show human character chat messages as speech bubbles.
    • Switched from Newton Dynamics physics engine to Bullet Physics.
    • Fixed long-standing physics bug that caused some doors to slide out of their place.
    • Fixed a rare physics bug that allowed dragons to fly through walls and objects.
    • Fixed "/save" chat command saving configuration to wrong directory.
    • Fixed a few warnings in log.
    • Fixed a potential crash at match restart.
    • Fixed walk speed limitation due to damage not getting reset when player respawns.
    • Fixed player aim cursor and laser sight getting left behind when player character dies.
    • Fixed minor error in center aligned text positioning.
    • Fixed all lab doors opening with red key card.
    • Added refiner machinery prop.
    • Fixed editor cursor and other UI components unintentionally occluding glow effect.
    • Dragon and jellyfish AI now goes directly to "search mode" on nearby gun shot.
    • Miscellaneous minor AI improvements.
    • Apply damage to flying enemies too if they are being crushed by heavy objects.
    • Fixed Unix-style line endings in some text files in Windows release package.
    • Made heartbeat sound fade in and out smoothly while player is badly damaged.
    • Fixed an error in glow effect shader making it a bit faster at high resolutions.

    Downloads and more information are available on website as usual:

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    A new public alpha version 0.14.0 has been released!

    Here's full list of changes since 0.13.0 alpha version:

    • Added initial gamepad controller support.
    • Turned the first level into a tutorial with controller type dependent instructions.
    • Updated menu system for slightly better looks and better performance.
    • Added description texts to menu items.
    • Added timestamps to high score tables.
    • Fixed "network packet rate" option in system settings not getting saved.
    • Fixed bad selection behavior in shared level browser when list content is updated.
    • Scaled "console" size down to three lines with a bit smaller font.
    • Created better looking "get full version" menu page.
    • Fixed some text placement issues with 4:3 resolutions.
    • Fixed random crashes when changing controller type while a game is in progress.
    • Added a little bit more details to the background model.
    • Some run-time errors previously only logged to console are now reported with an error pop-ups.

    Downloads are available on the website:

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    Public alpha version 0.15.0 is out!

    This update brings two new single player levels, one new weapon and enemy mine as well as loads of bug fixes and minor visual improvements.

    Here's full list of changes since 0.14.0 alpha release:

    • Added a new enemy item called spike ball.
    • Added a new weapon called zapper.
    • Added two new single player levels.
    • Major update on match listing server and according changes to client side.
    • Fixed broken PS3 controller auto-detection.
    • Added level completion time and kill count to "completion screen".
    • Added small random variation to all looping animation speeds to make them look more natural.
    • Added slight animation to dragon eggs.
    • Added score penalty on death in single player game.
    • Changed the dragon egg texture to better match other enemies.
    • Added warning in editor when saving level with dynamic entities placed outside outer walls.
    • Added default renderer configuration, only show configuration dialog on request.
    • Disabled background music while editing levels.
    • Allow a bit more movement while in air to ease precision jumping.
    • Minor tweaks to existing levels.
    • Fixed broken multiplayer match player count reporting.
    • Fixed several potential network related dead-locks.
    • Fixed multiplayer match online listing when re-using match name.
    • Only show online matches with compatible game versions.
    • Tweaked human stand pose a bit to prevent feet from penetrating floor.
    • Fixed bug that made transparent smoke pixels block glow effect.
    • Added left trigger button as optional reload button on gamepad.
    • Fixed missing texture on grenade.
    • Tweaked lighting in some of the existing levels.
    • Hid score labels in multiplayer matches.
    • Fixed HUD key card indicator not showing keys on client.
    • Fixed random freezes in windows version when browsing online matches.

    Downloads are available on the game page as usual:

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    Looks good, but my advice is to add more environment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnyBGooD View Post
    Looks good, but my advice is to add more environment.
    Thanks for the feedback. What exactly do you mean by "more environment"?

    If you refer to the empty background, that has proven to be a hard thing to "fix". The fact that I want to keep the levels easily editable (in the built-in level editor) limits the level geometry. For example I have tried adding some sort of background blocks, but those would have to manually placed in editor, which makes level editing too complicated..

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    Lockdown Protocol alpha 0.16.0 has been released

    New alpha version 0.16.0 is out!

    This release brings again a lot of improvements to the game. Especially sound effects and overall audio has gotten much better. There is some new content too: One new weapon, new enemy type and three new levels.

    Here's full list of changes since 0.15.0 alpha release:

    • Added alternative aim/shoot animation for heavy weapons.
    • Added level completion music.
    • Added laser rifle.
    • Added two more single player levels.
    • Added new multiplayer level called Armory (new demo multiplayer level).
    • Added dynamic audio filters (reverb).
    • Fixed music stopping in case of decode buffer underrun.
    • Added laser sight to zapper.
    • Guard speech bubbles replaced with actual voices.
    • Added security announcement voices.
    • Tweaked some of the first levels based on game play tests.
    • New skin texture for security guards.
    • Added new guard type armed with pulse rifle.
    • Made laser/zapper beams fade out at range limit.
    • Minor tweaking to human walk animation.
    • Made jellyfish collision body a bit larger to make it easier to hit.
    • Fixed temporary corrupted electric weapon beam pattern when fired for the first time.
    • Fixed beam weapon particle effects stopping too early.
    • Optimized particle rendering for lower batch count.
    • Fixed reconfigure.exe launcher not working with Wine.
    • Fixed annoying delay in platform/elevator interaction on multiplayer client.
    • Removed lowest lighting quality option (fixed function).
    • Show score at end of player name instead of kill count in single player games.
    • Fixed missing player name change notifications on server in multiplayer matches.
    • Fixed guard AI unintentionally shooting during "stun delay" after getting shot.

    More information and the downloads are available on the game page:

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    Very interesting
    Keep on going!

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    Public alpha version 0.17.0 has been released!

    The main theme in this release is collectible items. There are new ammunition and supply packs, force field generators and crates revealing collectible items on destruction. Guards now drop their weapon or random items when killed.

    Here's full list of changes since 0.16.0 alpha release:

    • Added ammo pack power up item.
    • Added supply pack power up item.
    • Added force fields (destructive/protective/damping) and matching power up items.
    • Added one more single player level.
    • Turned the small green crate into a destructible container that reveals random items.
    • Added floating labels on power up pick ups.
    • Added a music loop playing during action.
    • Made ambient background sound play even if music is set off in settings.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented controller help (F1) overlays from being shown.
    • Made guards randomly drop their weapon or power ups when killed.
    • Made walls block explosion damage and impulse.
    • Made dragons fly a bit faster.
    • Made dragons coming out of eggs spot nearby targets immediately.
    • Miscellaneous improvements to particle effects.
    • Fixed bug causing badly oriented bullet hit particle effects.
    • Minor improvements to enemy line of sight testing.
    • Added smoke trail to rockets.
    • Improved explosion particle effects orientation and timing.
    • Fixed invisible smoke and fragment particles blocking light glow.
    • Fixed heavy weapon aim animation problem that made AI aim too high.
    • Many bug fixes to dragon and jellyfish AI, especially to target detection.
    • Fixed all weapons misaiming slightly to the left.
    • Made human AI switch target if a visible closer target attacks it.
    • Added automatically randomized orietation for certain elements (e.g. barrels) in level editor.
    • Floating labels from power ups are now shown on clients too.
    • Show in-game error message on many level loading errors that previously killed the game.
    • Editor now loads levels with invalid entity references so you can fix them.
    • Fixed a serious bug in visibility data updating to clients.
    • Retextured dragon eggs.
    • Added alternative game pad controller jump by left stick up.
    • Added update notification when a new version is available.
    • Prevented respawning after level/match completion.
    • Updated first level tutorial with more instructions.
    • Minor fine tuning to character animations.
    • Fixed match statistics not always getting cleared on multiplayer match restart.
    • Improved network latency estimation making client side movement a bit smoother.
    • Fixed multiple serious bugs that caused jerks in client side movement.

    Download links have been updated on the game page:

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    I'm feeling too lazy today to write a proper progress report, so I'll just post a screenshot to show what I've been up to lately:

    That's a completely new more detailed player character model (by an actual artist) and a new enemy type.

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    Alpha version 0.18.0 is out!

    This release brings some major graphical improvements. The most visible change is the new much more detailed human character model. Human enemies have also been updated to use this new model and they have been re-textured too. Several dynamic objects (like barrels and eggs) now cast shadows, which makes them fit in much better. A competely new enemy type has been added. They are called "spiders" due to their similar looks, although they are nothing from this world.

    Here's some fresh video footage from the game:

    And here's full list of changes since 0.17.0 alpha release:

    • Human character model were replaced with much better one (created by an actual artist).
    • All human characters where re-textured.
    • Added new enemy type called "spider" and a nest that spawns them.
    • Added separate stand-crouch animation to make crouching look more natural.
    • Added blob shadows to some dynamic objects like dragon eggs and barrels.
    • Added bilinear filtering to sound map image sampling.
    • Added prediction error filtering to smooth out jumps when client side prediction is wrong.
    • Fixed anti-aliasing not working with glow filter enabled.
    • Made player aim range a bit wider.
    • Increased maximum client side prediction from 10 to 15 ticks (375ms).
    • Implemented object orientation interpolation for visualization.
    • Fixed a bug causing stronger glow effect horizontally than vertically.
    • Always trace hits in shooter's local XY plane even when weapon is offset from it.
    • Fixed flickering human shadows during jumping and crouching.
    • Fixed bug causing invisible shadows getting updated.
    • Prevented some objects from receiving shadows (for example lights and explosion fragments).
    • Fixed newly created objects randomly sliding into position from outside of screen.
    • Allow a bit longer fall without damage.
    • Made editor pick closest element first when clicking on multiple overlapping elements.
    • Added position triggered announcement voices.
    • Added PS4 controller support (with DS4Tool driver in Windows).
    • Always hide controller instructions when menu is open.

    Downloads are available on the game page:

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    New alpha version 0.19.0 is out!

    This release focuses on improving game play and making the game generally more fun. Most of the changes are based on feedback I got for the last alpha version and suggestions from test play sessions with friends. Check out more information and full list of changes here:

    Or jump directly to the game page with downloads:
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    Lockdown Protocol 0.20.0 alpha is out!

    The big new feature in this release is local split-screen multiplayer support:

    There are also several other multiplayer improvements, some new content and bug fixes. Check out the release announcement with full change log here:

    Downloads are available on the game page for Linux and Windows as usual:

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    Lockdown Protocol has gone beta! New beta version 0.21.0 is out!

    Downloads and more information:

    Full change log for this release:

    Here's some fresh screenshots:

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