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    Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms

    About the Game

    Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is a new Action-RPG that redefines the classic genre
    with an innovative party and combat system. The player takes control of a schizophrenic demon
    that devoures the souls of his victims and puts them back in the mortal world under his control.
    The demon exists in the Shadow dimension, while his puppets are placed in the mortal realm.
    The player can jump back and forth and thereby experience the game in different ways.

    Shadows was announced on February 27 and is planned to be released in Q4 of 2014.


    Shadows is the successor of Kult: Heretic Kingdoms (released as Heretic Kingdoms: Inquisition in NA)
    and continues where Kult ended. The world of the Heretic Kingdoms is in a state of uneasy peace.
    A string of rebellions have freed the people from one tyrant after another, but the land is unchanged.
    The shackles of the cruel Theocracy have been thrown off, but this has only lead to greater tensions
    between the people of Corwenth, the wolf-folk of Taymuria, and the great Ogres of the Sura Wastes.

    Summoned into this dismal world is the Devourer, a demon of the hell dimension of Shattered Heaven.
    It will be the Devourer, who will decide the faith of the world.

    Personal Commentary

    The game benefits from its Indie-roots. Games Farm, the developer formerly known as 3D People,
    is a Slovakian studio that in 2004 created the foundation of what I am now presenting to you.
    I know that there are lots and lots of games that take a similar approach, but there is something very
    unique to this game that has not been covered by the many clones of the genre.
    The background story was created by Chris Bateman, founder of International Hobo and
    lecturer at the University of Bolton. He worked on Discworld Noir and Ghost Master and put a lot of
    effort into the Heretic Kingdoms. The result is a rich game world set in a dark fantasy setting that
    does not fall back on Elves, Dwarves and other tolkienesque assets.

    It is a dark and twisted world in which good and evil is dependent on your perspective.

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    Content Update: World

    Once a vassal state to the Garulian Empire, the province of Corwenth was to become the center of
    Heretic Kingdoms politics after the Great Rebellion that would lead to the fall of the Empire.
    Because the city of Arken, the birthplace of the legendary hero Arkor who slew the God of the Land,
    lies within Corwenth’s borders, the Theocrat used Corwenth as the base of his power, and this
    influence has survived the fall of the Theocracy. The nation is bordered to the north and east by the
    great mountain range known as the Sundered Shield that since time immemorial served as a guard
    against the enemies of Corwenth.

    Strategically built into a mountain pass of the Sundered Shield lays the capitol of Corwenth, Kyallisar
    – a mighty fortress city which purports to guard the province and its inhabitants from all threats.
    Although it has often seemed that Corwenth is largely invincible as long as Kyallisar stands firm,
    in fact the city has been sacked a depressing number of times. Each time, it has been rebuilt upon
    the rubble of the old city, which in turn becomes the slums and ‘lower city’ where those who would
    hope to rise to the lofty heights of a Kyallisarian noble come to dream of future success.

    Powerful warlords controlled Corwenth in the distant, nearly-forgotten past. They protected the land
    but were not above waging war with each other, although sometimes they would unite to fight an
    external threat. Over time, this arrangement of clans and warlords was replaced by established
    Noble Houses. Each of the Noble Houses attempts to keep a high standing in the city and maintains
    a mansion in the highest reaches of the city of Kyallisar. Only a few of the Noble Houses maintain a
    presence in the rest of Corwenth, which primarily consists of farming villages and defensive garrisons.
    rom their lofty heights, the Noble Houses of Kyallisar hatch schemes for power and influence that
    affect the entirety of the Heretic Kingdoms...

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    Content Update: Character

    Known as the 'Daughter of Fire', Evia was the daughter of the last God-Empress of the Garulian Empire,
    some three hundred years ago. Her training as a mage came from the finest tutors in the whole of the
    Heretic Kingdoms. She mastered not only the elemental path of fire, as befits her royal heritage as the
    eldest Garulian Princess of the Imperial line, but also the mysterious enchantments of the Sand Mages
    of the eastern deserts - something few human mages can claim.

    Rebelling from her mother, she fought against the Empire and sought its downfall. So it was that she
    became one of the fabled heroes who undertook the Reliquary Crusade with Taryn Arkor, seeking to
    find the Godslayer sword and steal it from the Empire, thus robbing the God-Emperors of their symbolic
    power. However, when the company of heroes reached the Reliquary, Taryn betrayed his allies and
    stole the sword for himself - becoming the fearsome Theocrat and ruling the Heretic Kingdoms with as
    despotic a regime as Evia's mother! During the Reliquary Crusade, Evia lost her life... but how remains
    a mystery.

    Evia has been dead for 325 years now.

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