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    [AAR] Tactical Tuesday 13th November - Punnery Sergeant

    Thanks to everyone for attending and some excellent play seen throughout! Missions were:

    Red Snow
    Compound it
    (PostSessionTest) Defence in Depth

    Again, thanks for coming along and don't forget about Sunday's FOLK sessions, open to any and all ARPS players.
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    I'll give a quick rundown of Compound It, since I believe that was the one I remember best! The objective in this adverserial was a village nestled in a (for Takistan) lush, green valley surrounded by large, open hills, and containing three weapons caches defended by GUERFOR. BLUFOR had access to two squads of two fireteams, and a chinook.

    After a takeoff slightly delayed by connection problems, the chinook deposited Bravo about 6-700m southwest of the valley, on the other side of the surrounding hills, then looped around to the East, dropping Alpha a similar distance to the northeast of the caches. It then took off with the aim of circling the village, touching down in a few different locations to disguise the true LZs.

    Both teams moved up to observation points on the ridges of their respective hills in order to assess the situation. The run was a little long, but it was nice to be able to move fairly freely without fear of being shot at! I followed along with Bravo, while Alpha worked on their rather steeper ascent. Upon cresting the ridge, Bravo noticed a man and a bicycle observing from the hillside across the valley. Strongly intimidated by the enemy's superior vehicle support, it was decided that a stealthy approach was unfeasible and/or inglorious, and Bravo were sent charging headlong down the hill to a walled house about 50m from the southern cache, covered by 40mm and thrown smoke grenades, with the aim of quickly assaulting the compound before a response could be mustered.

    With Alpha spreading out along their ridgeline to engage targets in the north of the village, Bravo quickly gained entry to the compound, only to immediately come under fire from the southeast, with grenades and bullets signalling the approach of several annoyed men through the bushes. With Bravo taking several casualties, the cache was hastily located and blown up, followed by a fairly successful staged withdrawal while the wounded were attended to by the ever-competent Tigershark.

    Alpha reported heavy casualties sustained moving into the northwest of the village, so their 5 and Bravo's 6-ish were tasked to meet up in a compound southwest of the cache by about 100m of tree-lined path. On reaching the compound, heavy fire from the town to the east pinned down the remaining troops.

    At this point I was shot, IIRC, but I believe the survivors were able to work their way around north to meet up with the last of Alpha, staging a final assault on the cache area in 2-3 groups. Tigershark flanked around behind several OPFOR, taking them down before being wounded just as the round was called (I forget who the official victors were, though!)

    All in all, a nice run -- with enough scale and open space to feel less claustrophobic than some of the other village-defense missions, while not being too dispersed as to make finding a fight difficult.

    Red Snow started rather slowly due to some confusion about the paradrop system, with two of my teammates dying to it and one landing very far away -- not sure to what extent this was the script's fault, and what was down to the human element! However I and Kefirz were eventually able to meet up with the rest of our northern assault group as we moved into, IIRC, Berezino to blow up various targets and shoot various mans. Although taking heavy casualties from soldiers and shilkas guarding the town, I believe we were able to complete most of the objectives.

    Crateresistance was a little under-manned, but my fireteam was able to flank an enemy one as they moved in on a cache, only for me to get shot while pumping rounds into someone who was desyncing. C'est la vie! Still a fun little rom, overall.

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