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    Quote Originally Posted by jaguar skills View Post
    I think play is too strong a word. I ran along a train for a little while and occasionally pressed a button when the game let me have a go, and then I immediately quit and played the far superior multiplayer instead.

    If you got some enjoyment out of the single player then more power to you, but to me it was a cynical tech demo to rope the casuals in and BF4 looks no different. If it means they make more money for making the real game better then great, but the only emotion it evokes is anger when yet another QTE kicks in or the controls are wrestled from me once again to show off Frostbite.
    Admittedly the gameplay in BF3sp is indeed limited( big understatement) and has obvious flaws( aforementioned QTEs etc). But what does that have to do with "emotional range"? BF3 is not equvalent of arthouse movie and the value of its story is questionable at best, but that doesnt prohibit it from having some emotional impact on a player. It's not about dead wife or soulhurting bullets, it's about fighting alongside characters you don't want to die because they are your comrades. All of them die or are critically wounded by the end, jsut because some asshole wanted something for some reason. It's not some kind of new age revelatory drivel, but it works. It's something simple that hits at teenage memories of playing (foot)ball with friends. Mock it if you want, but its real. Of course its also fair to see BF3 as runofthemill Tomcansy-esque bullshit which is a legit point of view. But then mock it for the story.
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    This is where we get into the murky realm of subjectivity. BF4 isn't capable of evoking a wide range of emotions in much the same way as my video wasn't funny. Just as some people would laugh at my video, I can totally see people breaking down in tears at the army man falling off the aircraft carrier. However, I think it's far more likely that any emotional connection would be lost through gargantuan set pieces, poor characterisation and the fact that at no point are we given any reason to care about anyone involved.

    That's even before considering the argument about modern warfare and how appropriate it is to make light entertainment quite clearly based on conflicts either recently ended or in some cases not over at all. With your WW2 game you can root for the hero with a clean conscience since he's killing Nazis. Everyone hates Nazis! It's slightly harder to get worked up about the motto shouting, Generation Kill inspired motormouths that drop into the Middle East and then crash their jeep into a river. They're light years ahead technologically and calling in air support like it's going to be banned tomorrow. I can't relate to those guys. I'm almost glad that they're stuck with Total Eclipse of the Heart. To be clear, I have nothing against men and women in the military and I'm relieved I don't have to do their job. I just don't find this particular angle on their story compelling or evocative.

    Also, I already read and watched Generation Kill so I don't need a video game doing a poor impersonation of it between the shooting galleries and QTEs. Let me shoot people and look at eye candy.

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