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    Just joined! Been waiting for this :)

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    Jan 2012
    Joined. Been having fun with the game with mixed results.

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    By the way, I did this:

    You don't have to use it if you don't want to though.

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    I like it!
    Only thing that I'd change is the font and how the text overlaps and gets cropped.
    Can you use a different font, for example something like this: ?
    And just make the text not overlap with the shield or get cut off at the edges and we're golden. (i.e. make the shield a little bit smaller and make the upper and lower text wrap around it like you did with the upper one)

    And if you don't feel like it just send me over the PSD file and I'll finish it up myself, because I really like the idea. ;)

    The unofficial RPS Rising Storm group!

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    Just got Chivalry in the Steam sale, and would just like to say that you have my sword. And my bow.

    And my axe.

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    May 2012
    Anyone interested in getting a 4pack?

    Bought myself a single copy. Joining the fun soon!
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    I'm joining up. Just look for the guy with the biggest sword... I'll be behind that guy.

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    Dunno what's happening with this group but I'd LOVE to play with a coordinated group. This game is just begging for it and everyone just rushes like madmen. There's a real tactical game here that's being largely ignored.

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    Hi guys thought I'd add my guides to the thread and I'll add myself to the steam group when I get home from school.
    I'm always open to playing with new people.

    Check out my thread on the Chivalry Main Forum where I will keep my guides updated!

    Fight Knight Club

    Knight Class

    Additional Guide Video for Knight going over primary weapons.

    Chivalry Medieval Warfare Knight Primary Weapons Guide

    Archer Class

    Men at Arms Class

    Vanguard Class

    Fancy Footwork

    All the classes together

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    Heya folks, this game has been eating up lots of my time since Christmas. I'd love to join some of you soon for a bit of sword-swinging mayhem. I'll join up and hopfully see you in game very soon!

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    Are people still playing this? Any recommended servers?

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    I really suck at this game :(

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