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    [AAR] TacTuesday 27.11.2012 - Shooting other men

    - Fox and Hound
    - River Assault
    - 2 Days to Retirement (Berezino)
    - Defence in Depth

    Good show everyone. No write up because I'm horribly tired and also didn't get to shower between training and TT.

    Oh and I forgot the usual reminder:
    acre & i44/unsung session on friday and saturday respectively
    folk session on sunday
    check the corresponding threads for details!
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    No ACRE this week.

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    - Fox and Hound
    Alpha Squad Lead.

    Swept in from the West, Alpha took down an insurgent, kept moving until we found Bravo's garden of death and I picked off the last Insurgent with a gp.
    Job well done.

    Very efficient communications, especially when we had a little air to ground friendly fire incident.

    - River Assault
    Started this mission as Bravo 1 FTL, but SuperUs premature death left me in charge. B2 and B3 were completely eviscerated minutes later and following a bit of rearming we attached to Alpha as a MMG/AT squad. We did well at destroying the flanking forces and armour before being asked to lead the charge across the river, upon which everyone was slowly picked off.

    A note: If someone is down and bleeding out, and they are completely covered in smoke, it's probably a good eye to grab him and drag him into cover.

    - 2 Days to Retirement (Berezino)
    Let's not talk about this.

    - Defence in Depth

    Wolfenswan (?) fell out of the Humvee in the first minute leaving Tired Hippo in charge of the fireteam. I was separated from the rest of the group by a searchlight meaning I was first over the walls when we were ordered to move up.
    Ran into the castle. Bagged three guys. Great success

    Come along on Saturday for the Unsung war mod event!

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    I barely fired a shot during the entire session, yet it was good fun. It was a sad thing to see the duel fail... cops have no code of conduct!

    I'll see you guys on the folk session!

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    Fox and Hound
    I don't really remember which fireteam I was in (I was in Alpha though). We managed to pick off one insurgent really early, for a long time nothing happened while we were approaching Bravo's position. We were advised to be cautious, as Bravo had tons of casualties. Then there was shooting and I died probably three seconds before the game ended (to my surprise, we won).

    River Assault
    I was AAR in Alpha with Specialsoup as my FTL, who received a field promotion a few minutes into the game. Yay! Alpha was shot to pieces and so we were an attachment to Bravo when we got to the first fortified position on the west end of the dam. I then proceeded to walk through the line of fire of our AT while going into cover, but received some first aid, which was good. What was left of Alpha was tasked with a suicide run across the dam, and I'm still not quite sure how I survived that, seeing how stuff exploded next to me and I wasn't even crouching until I got to the end.
    I wanted to take cover behind the sandbags at the bunker, but wondered why the guy who had been alive mere seconds ago was now dead...and then I spotted a blue helmet. Normally I don't instantly realise who is a bad guy, thankfully the blue helmets are really obvious, so I took some shots at him and went prone. Bravo crossed the dam, and then everything went to hell when an RPG hit the other bunker and people were getting shot all over the place. Thankfully someone threw a smoke grenade, so we managed to drag the injured guys behind the bunker. I was giving first aid, when I glitched through to the other side of the bunker. Not realising what had happened and the peril I was in, it took me way too long to get to the safe side again and I was shot. It was a great mission, we "arguably" even won at the end!

    2 Days to Retirement (Berezino)
    I was in the supermarket with Arc and Macaco, shot two guys in the face (apparently none of them much for German efficiency), but was then injured. Arc managed to get me up somehow, but while lying prone, my foot must have stuck out of the wall, so...yeah. I managed to yell "fascist" over direct comm before I was executed.

    Defence in Depth
    I was going towards the gatehouse, where people got picked off one by one, when somebody threw a grenade at me. In typical Arma fashion, I didn't see an enemy or took a shot.

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