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    Destroying Rabbits wherever they can be found

    Calling All Graphical Wizzes!

    Horace will reward those who put in him too!

    Those who might not be putting their entries to the official competition - please put your graphical awesomeness here.

    edit: if someone wants to use ms paint to create the following scene of a large (endless) bear with a thorn in it's paw rearing up and throwing it's evil sylvari rider off...
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    Monksbjornsson, a glass cannon of nordic origins and gleeful slaughterer of rabbits
    Monksbane, gnarly bit of wood that rots, festers and gives you splinters of the nasty kind that really sting
    Monksgaard, a squishy human guardian badly helping to keep you alive while running away

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    Damn, I wish my wife was into GW2, she makes a living out of these things. I'll insist again, heh heh.
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    I painted my mesmer. It took about 4-5 hours. It was fun.

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