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    Server, new patch


    Sorry for not scheduling anything lately.

    Expect something Friday, I hope.

    New patch!

    I am very excited for the server customizations, it is a step in the right direction towards custom servers.

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    Why so much nerfing?

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    I haven't played very frequently for the last month or two, but aren't the things that got nerfed were things people complained about? Quick-fuse grenades and jackal, for example. Then again, there's the argument of whose complaints HR should listen to -- Comp or forumites.

    I haven't really messed with the SAP20. Was its damage OP in the right hands? Looks like its dmg falloff is the biggest nerf listed, as the BXT falloff is what makes me never touch it.

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    I found it a bit op in good hands.

    Who cares about the nerfs. Finally steps towards usable physics.

    Server is set to accelerate and TDM right now. We can change game modes around tomorrow to play with the new physics setting. I wish we could set all the settings ourselves.

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    What does "accelerate" in server settings mean?

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