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    Quote Originally Posted by Gmaz View Post
    From year and a half ago? Wow, you either bought a LOT or were frugal
    think I bought 5k or 7.5k last time, then add the SC I get from the sub each month and a 8-9 month break from the game (with an active sub) and almost only buy things on sale.
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    The fury for the flash is on sale today, it's great fun and absolutely essential for anyone that wants to get into battle flashing.
    I even made a montage about it:
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    Empire Specific Rocket Launchers on sale today. Get yourself a Lancer, it's ace!

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    Not an offer itself, but a heads-up: SOE are saying that if you want to take part in the "Station Cash promotion" this Christmas you *must* be signed up for the SOE newsletter (or the PS2 news letter?) because it will be sent via URLs which are specific to your account.
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