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    Rock, Paper, Splashdown - an RPS Kerbal Space Program group.

    Kerbal Space Program is awesome, and has just got much more awesome with a huge recent update that amongst other things has introduced docking between craft.

    2012-12-04_00009.jpg 2012-12-10_00028.jpg

    This massively increases the possibilities for amusement and flaming Kerbal death, but also makes the whole thing seem a little daunting to some at the start. Rock, Paper, Splashdown has several Kerbalnauts from the RPS Steam chat - MFToast, Jon "Moose" Tetrino, myself and others - who're happy to offer advice on getting to grips with KSP.

    Docking ships in orbit lets you construct craft you wouldn't be able to lift off the ground from the launchpad. This means refuelling or constructing interplanetary ships in orbit - making landing bases and planning more complicated missions to other bodies much more possible.

    2012-12-09_00009.jpg 2012-12-10_00012.jpg

    It also means awesome space stations.


    KSP has no simultaneous multiplayer option, but Jon and Toast are planning on a shared, online save file for RPS space stations, Mun bases, and whatever else anybody wants to do.

    Get the game and join the group! Launching enormous rockets through space is cooler than anything else you'll do in a computer game today.

    (NB all screenshots murderised by the Steam screenshots system, 'scuse the quality.)
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    Big rokkits, bigger 'splodes. What's not to like?
    JOIN TODAY! Kerbal needs YOU!

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    The RPS Space Station is starting to come together.
    This is primarly a test to see if "turn-based building" will work :)

    So far JimTheDog has supplied the "core" of the station, Cryptoshrimp christened it(and drank the champagne), MFToast added a smaller module for the showers(and probes) and I added the PowerTower(tm).


    Join today!

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    I'm definitely gonna get in on this at some point. Dock a bunch of legs onto the muthur-ship and land it in the sea of Strangquility!

    (Disclaimer - Bad strang! No de-orbiting the space-base!)
    I'm Respecting your culture!

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    100 ton one launch station

    Using the Starmaker launch vehicle (nearly 2000 tons on launch)

    Why its called the Starmaker; many more pics of the explosions on my steam screenshots :P

    2 x 50 ton saner single launch to orbit first docking

    Most of my current wave of ships are Experimental in the same way as hitting an atomic bomb with a sledgehammer to see if it'd explode is ?!SCIENCE!?

    KSP Screenies

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    The station is making progress! Strang's Electronic Eatery is now open for business:

    I'm Respecting your culture!

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    Just tried the demo of this game and it is absolutely fantastic. Will purchase it in the new year, is there going to be some sort of multiplayer function to the game at all? That would be *great.
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    Bloody hell, this game is brilliant! Been playing nonstop for a couple days now. Got a couple crash Mun-landings under my belt. Haven't tried the docking stuff yet.

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    I tried out the demo for this, and was highly amused right off the bat. Definitely looking into picking it up.

    One question, though -- when attempting to reach orbit, is there something special that you need to do? Or do you need to hit that region that states "Orbit" as you're climbing in order to have stuff stick? I get within about 100m of the mentioned "Orbit" and it slows - then stops, sending my ship crashing back down to the surface.

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    You need to be going fast enough parallel to the surface that when you fall towards the planet, you miss.

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    Merry Christmas!

    I'm Respecting your culture!

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    I love that picture, StrangLove!

    The more I look at this thread, the more I want to play it once I get home. XD So amusing. Especially watching spaceship builds catastrophically fail and cartwheel out of control.

    ...or maybe that's just me.

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    Finally passing out. But, successful orbit test tonight. I feel that's pretty good progress, considering I didn't even know how to throttle up and take off (reinstalled because I thought something was wrong with the game!) when I started.

    I will, however, leave you with this epic failure (Caption: "Space. YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG."):

    On the larger image, the Kerbal's face says it all, I feel...

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    Absolutely love KSP. Managed my first docking yesterday, now to try and rescue the one kerbal I accidentally shot into a horrendous polar orbit. Probes ftw, else I'd need to rescue 50 failed rescue kerbals.

    After I do that I think I'll try and land on the Mun and return, and then I will respectfully shelve the game till it is fully released, because I don't want to play it to death before it's properly finished.

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    Got a second satellite into orbit last night (sad what little things can get you excited with this)! Made a couple of shots at the Mun, but I always seem to run out of fuel at that crucial moment of "last minor course correction to curve into the Mun's orbit".

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to correct that? (Other than making the base rocket bigger, I don't think I can do that without causing more serious weight problems)

    Edit: Is geosynchronous orbiting possible yet?

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    Nine: Add more rokkits.
    The universal solution to everything KSP ;)

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    Having dicked around with the demo for the last hour and had a look at what everyone's doing here, I might have to pick this up tomorrow. I keep playing the soviet national anthem in the background every time I do a launch, just to make it that little bit more impressive when it all goes horribly wrong.

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    Anyone around on Steam for some Q and A? lol

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    We made a successful space station and space walk today! And it only took three tries! :D


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    It's easier if you jump into the RPS Steamchat and ask instead of asking on the forums ;)

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