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    Thanks mnemnoch!

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    I need help in getting Splinter Cell Blacklist from Simply CDkeys.


    Payment can be transferred via Paypal or Steam.


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    Same as above ^ But I want XCOM: the Bureau.

    Quote Originally Posted by SirKicksalot View Post
    Not sure if anyone posted the
    Quote Originally Posted by SirKicksalot View Post
    simplycdkeys stock clearance sale. They're part of SimplyGames so they're legit. I bought SC Blacklist and the key was scanned from the game box. I guess they're getting rid of games from the SimplyGames warehouse by selling the codes for pennies lol.
    They have some great deals.

    Anyone willing to buy XCOM: the Bureau for me? My country is not listed in their site. :( I can send the money via paypal.

    Done! Thanks PeteC
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    Hi, anyone from US (or UK even) up for smuggling the Kingdoms of Amalur Collection (includes DLC) from Steam - ?

    Even at 70% off sale for the next 35 hrs it's twice the price here.

    EDIT: Done - Thanks McMicker.
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    Hi, I've seen that the next community choice might include Bulletstorm. If someone outside Germany (preferably US) could throw it over the fence it be much obliged!

    EDIT: +1 Thanks to McMicker.
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    Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition is on sale for 3.74/$ 4.99 on Steam until 5 p.m. UTC today. If a kind fellow from, well, practically anyplace that isn't Germany could help me out, I'd be very happy indeed. Naturally, I'll paypal in advance covering any fees and whatnot.

    Edit: ... and another thanks to Mcmicker!
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    Already done
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    Edit - Trade no longer needed. - Finally figured my way through trading for Keys via steamgameswap on reddit.
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    Keep in mind games now only become tradeable after 30 days so it needs to be sent to you as a gift.
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    Good point - pretty much only paypal will work then.

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