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    Pirates of New Horizons is now a thing and no longer a prototype.

    The folks behind Pirates of New Horizons are forming a studio named Exit Strategy Entertainment. Their first game, of course, will be Pirates of New Horizons, which means that development for that game is in full swing. This is handy since Solatorobo has reminded me of just how much I love floating islands, airships, and things of the sort.

    There will always be gamers for whom that is a thing, and gaming entries like Skies of Arcadia and Project Nomads. In fact, there's a nice page on Giant Bomb which lists a large number of games which have had floating islands, and many of them I remember fondly. It seems to be a concept that inspires the imagination, and it's just a fun idea to play around with, and you know that if there are floating islands then the game is going to be at least somewhat out there and likely good for a bit of imaginative escapism. Cargo had 'em too, BTW.

    I think it'd be nice to see a resurgence of a number of the sorts of games that that page lists and I won't beat around the bush, I have longed for such, I enjoy games (and any form of entertainment, really) that revels in the truly adventurous. And for me, there's just an itch that something like Pirates of New Horizons would help to scratch. High adventure, airships, and floating islands. I'll have me some of that. (And yes, I quite enjoyed Treasure Planet, too. Underrated film, I thought. Question my tastes as you will.)

    Anyway, as I said, Pirates of New Horizons is now a thing, being developed by the newly formed Exit Strategy Entertainment (that is quite a name). Here you can find a blog post with some related information which might be good for a read.

    Hopefully Pirates of New Horizons will inspire more things which are rather like it.
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    Q: What's better than pirates?
    A: Pirates with jetpacks.

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    nice, I quite enjoyed the prototype/demo they released, it had a mario galaxy/zelda feel to it. it had a few problems with the grappling hook and the npcs looked weird, but it would be unfair to hold that against it considering what it is.

    also, having just finished Solatorobo today I agree that there should be more of this sort of thing. every time I play a game like this I am shocked that nobody else thinks to do something similar, then I read about the latest zombie game and remember why they don't.

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    I still love Netstorm. Lovely floating island game.
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