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    Quote Originally Posted by Ritashi View Post
    I think you're right. It sure has been a while... Glad to see there's still a community around the game though. Much as I disapprove of Cyanide, they do have the best option for online Blood Bowl right now.

    EDIT: Does anyone know where GW is hosting the BB rules? All my old links come up dead, and google isn't helping. I have a pdf of LRB 6, but I was shocked when I tried to link someone to the rules and couldn't find them online. Also, can anyone remind me whether LE/CE use LRB 5 or 6, and possibly also point me towards the major bugged skill implementations?
    Games Workshops website revamp has removed specialist games from their catalogue. Thankfully the NAF have put a versio of the rules online here:
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    Season ended yesterday! I've spotted a couple of requests for extensions so I'll hold off on promotions/demotions until tomorrow night, when I'll sort them out and then hold the live draw, time TBA. Make sure if you're dropping out, returning, rebooting or restarting you've added/updated your details on the spreadsheet by tomorrow - i'd prefer not to have to reshuffle people 2-3 times again this season!!

    Congrats again to 20phoenix for winning the champs once again, his rats hanging on to that top spot when a number of bashy teams have lined up to defeat him. Agility is proving to be king for now!
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    I never talked about my Day 3 match against Graever's Necro team...

    It started very violently. I surfed his +AG ghoul into a BH in my first turn, he responded by injuring both my witch elves in his. I eventually got my own back, gang-fouling his other ghoul out of the match at the end of the first half.

    Deespite all this, no major harm was done to either side, and the game was extremely challenging. I was on the backfoot for most of it. I received first but my initial drive hit a wall of bodies, I lost the ball only to regain it through luck and scored before the opposing team could catch my lone receiver.

    A little too soon as it turned out, I thought I was on Turn 7 but it was Turn 6... giving Graver plenty of time to even the score before the end of the half. Which he did. So I fouled him.

    The second half was even tougher. Only through a lot of defensive shuffling about, and the most tenacious use of Shadowing/Side Step/Dive Tackle players (and a lot of luck) was I able to hold on to the score. I broke Graver's cage, but couldn't get to the ball before he took it and formed another one. Then, deep in my own half, I managed to split that cage too.

    Suddenly it was Turn 16, the ball was loose, but mostly under guard by Graever's players. He moved a wolf into the end zone. If he could pick it up and throw a short pass to the wolf, he'd win. He fumbled the pick-up. My prone runner was within reach - he dodged into two TZs to grab the ball, then made the long pass upfield to an unmarked Loner.

    2-1 from the final turn and I totally elfed it.

    Graever's team is really solid, though, and he probably deserved to win. I was not in control of that match for about three-quarters of it - thanks to his multitude of Guard players (and none of my own, still :( ).

    But one of my Loners stole a TD and another stole the MVP, so I hired them both. Maybe they'll roll doubles after a few more SPPs...


    Also well done 20p!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axler View Post
    Personally I'd get a troll and another thrower (kick, leader) and as a backup to your current one. Then you can drop the two line orcs.
    Three rerolls seems like plenty.

    Dropping the line orcs seems like madness: I know orcs don't need a deep roster, but only 11 players is a little shallow.

    Second thrower seems sensible, then if you're getting a troll I'd get a goblin too, for throwing. Orcs are probably better off without the troll (he's just not reliable, and you've got plenty of strength anyway) but throwing gobbos *is* awesome. That's 14 players so you could maybe drop one line orc at that point.

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    well, its confirmed.

    How original is retiring (and getting deleted). My new DoD team is born.

    All fear the halflings of "Stick it in the Butter" - already updated the spreadsheet with R2 and the new team name and race. - My collection of articles on various tactical and strategic concepts in Blood Bowl. Enjoy!

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    INinja and I should be playing our Div C match this evening, if that's acceptable?
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    I'm struggling to get hold of sphericalboy for our Group G match. We were meant to play on Monday but he didn't pop on and I've not seen him since, so it's a bit difficult to get the match done.

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    I'd like to use this time to express some consternation at a few select people.

    If, for some daft reason, your name on this forum is suitably different from your Steam username, could you please add that information to your signature? Failing that, your profile page on the forum works too. It makes it a ton easier to find you, and ostensibly play Blood Bowl with you.

    This has been a public service announcement.

    EDIT: Okay, so I realised there's a column on the spreadsheet for this. The spreadsheet disagrees with my phone, so my statement still stands, but it's more me being selfish than a public service announcement. Oh well.
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    we've (me and agp) just had a chat on steam, gonna get it done tomorrow @ 6:30 uk time (or sooner if i can get home from work!)

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    BigC and I are scheduled to play our division 1 match tomorrow night at 6.30pm (or possibly a little sooner). Hope this is OK as our division wasn't rolled on to day 3 until the 14th, so though we're after the deadline, we're still in the 10 day window, if that makes sense. Hope this is OK for an extension please.

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    Joey and I managed to play our game at the last possible minute.

    0-1 to the London Silly Nannies.

    The Crappy Comedians received to start the game, and the half very quickly degraded into me throwing zombies at his big, scary chaos warriors and minotaur (especially the minotaur, that one is the stuff of nightmares) while injuring all but one of his relatively fragile beastmen. Despite this, some good rolls on the part of Joey halted my progress up the pitch. The first half ended with seven available players for me and 5 for Joey.

    The second half was fairly predictable. Though i did manage to successfully steal the ball, the lack of players coupled with Joey's enormous strength advantage (He had removed both my mummies and one of my wights, as well as a few random zombies) basically meant that whatever happened he would be scoring. Admittedly, it did come rather close (He ran out of rerolls maybe three turns into the half) but he still managed to get a touchdown on turn 16.

    If I remember rightly that puts him ahead of me in our division. So I guess I'm sticking around a while longer. No complaints here! :D

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