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    Using the Survival/Crafting Subforum


    Krathor here and I'm one of the general moderators for the Game Clubs... section of the RPS forums, which includes Survival/Crafting!

    I suggested this subforum be renamed from simply Minecraft to Survival/Crafting as we have loads of survive-a-lot communities on the go at the moment - not only Minecraft but also ARK and Terraria. And probably more by the time someone from the distant future reads this.

    Anyway, you're welcome to dive into any one of the number of communities here by looking (and posting) in one of the relevant threads. There's a few things you may want to know before starting though:

    1) The same overall rules apply as on the rest of the forum. Make sure you know them. If you see someone break them, you can report them by clicking:

    Below their post. We get notified of this and look at every report. The person you're reporting can't see that you reported them.

    2) Feel free to make more threads. If you're interested in a survivalish game out there that isn't here - make a thread about it! Also, if you're holding a special event in any one of the games - I would suggest making a separate thread on it so it's easy to spot. See this as an example from the GW2 subforum.

    3) Take screenshots! There's no better way to show off how awesome we are as a community by evidencing what we get up to together. If you play through Steam, you can usually press F12 at any time in the game to take a screenie - that you can publish after closing the game.

    Use imgur to upload, and then click this on the post:

    To bring up the option to add it to your post. Use 'From URL' and make sure you untick 'Retrieve remote file and reference locally'. Paste in the URL from imgur and the forum should automatically downsize it. I think.

    That's it for now, but if you have any questions - pop them below. Or PM me directly.

    Have fun!
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