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    Should I buy a gaming PC in North America, or can I wait till I get to England


    I'm looking at building a gaming PC, but I'm also going to move to London within a year. I was wondering if the prices between NA and Europe make building one here the better choice, or can I wait until I get to England? I'm not sure if prices are even cheaper over here.

    I know I could do a bunch of searching online, but I was wondering if any of you have a rough idea. Factoring in shipping, should I build it here or can I wait?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Can't say much about Canada prices, but it'd definitely be cheaper to build a PC in the US than in the UK -- you can probably add up to 25% to the price of any component. Just make sure you get a PSU that can switch up to a 240V input.

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    I'd buy the PC in the UK. 'Cause of Warranty. If you are in the UK you wanna be able to replace parts quickly if they break.

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