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    Exclamation [README] If you want to play Arma with us...

    If you are looking for a group of light hearted but organised people to learn and play Arma with then look no further than the resident arma group - Folk ARPS (FA).

    We run two sessions a week on Sunday and Tuesday at 19:30 UK time that are open to anyone and you won't need half a tonne of mods either. If you want to join us or find out a bit more then go to this address:

    Here you will find all the relevant information about when, where and what. Any questions you have can be posted on the forum there or sent to one of the hosts (admins). The links are all on that page, have a quick read.

    If you want to see the kind of stuff that we get up to have a look at this you tube channel:

    Happy Armaing


    Useful links:
    TS3 Details
    A quick Q&A
    The forum
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