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Thread: Miller Lag

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    Miller Lag


    Recently I seem to have been getting pretty bad lag on Miller, between 130 and 200 ping (Not to mention the spikes that take it up to 4000 sometimes).

    I've pinged the server through the command prompt and also get really erratic ping there and even packet loss.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has been having this problem or whether it's likely an issue with my ISP? Just want to make sure I over all the bases before the call to arms tomorrow

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    Everyone is getting this. Welcome to the club.
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    EU servers in general, and Miller in particular, have been unstable throughout the life of PS2. Especially the last few months.

    The last week many players have been experiencing extreme lag/high pings. I have not for some reason, but it is a very common problem.

    Here is one of the latest discussion threads on Reddit:

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