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    Disabling Directinput in Valve/Source games

    Today as I've tried before, using a controller with X360CE input wrapper to try to play Portal 2, comes with a lot of problems.

    The main one is that it doesn't work for me, because it seems when I enable the controller input in the Portal 2 menus, it enables both directinput and xinput at the same time. If it was xinput alone it would work because it is emulated through X360CE, but the problem is that directinput is also enabled at the same time and the buttons for that tied to my controller are completely different and it detects the axes all wrong and everything goes bad :P

    So my question is: is there some way to disable this deprecated directinput stuff in source games so it is only using one form of input while playing the game.

    There is a way to use an alternative program that requires installing something so that I can read any controller globally on the PC as a Xinput pad, but I am trying to avoid this one (I'm not exactly sure why :P).

    Any help would be great :)


    On Steam OS this problem does not exist at all because no directinput or xinput or Microsoft and because reasons.

    Also there are other games with similar problems, but I figure I'd start here.

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    Can't answer directly:


    I got it to work! If you go to set up a controller in x360ce you need to hit the advance tab and change device type to GamePad and then stick it back in the Portal folders and bam! It worked!
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    I never saw something like that, thanks, I will try it :)

    Hmmm not sure if that is my problem, it seems to already be toggled to that mode in the Advanced section unfortunately, but I will test around and see. Thanks for suggestion in any case :)
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    I think I saw a dinput blocker floating somewhere. Basically, it's a dll that overrides the dinput functions and reports no connected gamepads, but allows x360ce to detect them. I can't seem to find it now.
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    That sounds like a perfect kit for this problem, I'll search around for something like that :)

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