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    Has anyone here tried Rust recently?

    I started playing it again about a week ago. I hadn't tried it since they reworked the entire game and it's so much better now. They've added so much extra content and everything feels really smooth and fluid. (Even on 200+ player servers.) They also release really detailed devblogs weekly. I highly encourage anyone that owns it to give it a shot again.

    I've been following the guides on Rustafied and messing around in their low population server. I recently stole some guys house and recorded a video of it which I'll post below.

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    Only dabbled in it a little bit recently since everyone I know seems to have gone off it and has no intention of coming back and frolicking in the shallows with nothing but our feelings to get between us, and I don't find these types of games fun being a Lone Wolf, but it's a definite huge improvement to the last time I played. I feel like it's finally understanding what game it's trying to be and just moving onwards and upwards with that in mind.

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    If you post in the Game club thread you might get some people itnerested in playing again.

    That video was funny as hell though, the houses look sweeter than before too. I guess now with ARK their upping their game.

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    I played Rust for quite a long time, it got boring, dead and repetitively boring. Everyone walked around with a rock naked. :/

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