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    I just remembered this morning that I got a Beta invite (current Beta runs til Monday) so I played for a half hour or so before leaving for work.

    First impressions are good. Really like the character editor, though either I missed it or you can only edit your facial details and not your body shape (I like to give my characters an authentic beer gut). Obviously too soon to get a real impression of it.

    At one point I had to kill looters and I saw something like "Progress: 0/100" and thought oh God no, there's your stereotypical Korean grind mechanic, but the first looter I killed jumped it up to 20/100. I just wonder if that was a nod to Western tastes and the original quest really was to kill 100 looters - which would be beyond tedious.

    Oh, you get a hang glider by level 5.

    Also, no NDA. Not like ESO. There's confidence.

    EDIT: just read how the payment model is going to work and I take back my enthusiasm. Looks like it's either P2P or GRIND "labor points" in order to do anything meaningful. Ah well.
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    I tried the last beta - basically I had the same issues with it that I had with Wildstar.

    It's gabbling away about a backstory and plot which I couldn't give a shit about - it's asking me to "go visit a rock" and "find 20 wootsits" and I'm losing the will to live. The world is cookie-cutter - the NPCs are cookie-cutter etc.

    It looked nice enough - it's UI was ugly tho - it's CryEngine based I think? - it's controls were a bit wonky and some stuff still hadn't been translated.

    Then they try to sell you expensive early access packages and you're thinking "you must be kidding me"...

    p.s. to be clearer, the cheapest way into this Beta is 45 Euros - which includes just 18 Euros-worth of in-game currency - are they smoking bad weed or what?
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    The crafting was the main thing I found interesting before I played. As soon as I realized you need to grind labor points, and pay money to even build a house, I lost all interest. I realize they have to make money somehow, but restricting one of the main draws is not the way to go.

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