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  • Rolling Matro
  • Cinderella
  • Broney
  • Fighting Withdrawal (testing)

A diminutive session which more than made up for numbers in it's loveliness - you guys made the session incredibly easy to run, so thanks for that! Despite our low playercount we managed to seize a hill on Rolling Mat (Damn you wolf for your un-spellable mission names!). Unimpressed by our efforts against the AI, I endeavored to improve our kill-count by booting up a classic; Cinderella. Despite the death of the Bradley, Opfor lost a close battle (It was 2:1 guvna, honest!). Finally, Broney presented Opfor troops with a challenging, player-led AI force who cheated filthily (They were our IFVs! OURS!). Finally, we did some testing. Testing! TESTING!
Thanks everyone for coming along! Thoughts and comments on everything (Mission choice, hosting style, toy use) as well as reports go below comrade! :jihad:

PS: Please, please, please: If it's obvious that we don't want extra assets used, especially in an adversarial, it is NOT okay to take them from starting locations, especially if you're on the opposing team. The use of a BMP in the AiXX, whilst rather funny for Indie, ruined the mission for several players killed by it - that's just not cool, and just not the way we play, so let's keep that behavior out of the Tuesday and Sunday sessions.
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