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  • Clergyman
  • Crash Site (limited to 30 mins)
  • Vanguard SE
  • Internecine DC

A superb showing by the comrades saw 60 brave souls take up arms in support of our socialist agrarian revolution. The Party thanks all comrades who came along tonight, and helped us stage a super session with a mix of meaty adversarial missions and a truly epic play-through of comrade Hero Mission Maker Wolfenswan's classic, Vanguard (slightly remixed to reflect recent donations to our fund for equipment and vehicles). The after-party is still raging with over a third of the comrades still in play!

We kicked-off with a slightly tweaked Clergyman, in which a brutally efficient OPFOR garrison absorbed INDFOR's assault and murderised its surviving members at the church. Next, Crash Site saw the definition of a hot LZ, as OPFOR's helos landed right at the crash site, fighting a vicious scrap against AIs and human enemies alike before finally succumbing to the main part of BLUFOR's landing force. Then 59 comrades under the command of Stranglove and SuperU, most on foot but some in M113s and one T-55, mounted an epic assault on enemy positions to the north of Zargabad in Vanguard. Despite attempts by counter-revolutionaries* to spread conspiracy theories to the contrary, the platoon was victorious (pictorial evidence of the surviving heroes will be posted shortly). Finally, a quick round of Internecine DC provided many of us with a final helping of death before the after-party.

As ever, please post your thoughts, feedback, screenshots and video here (PM any of the hosts for details of FA YouTube channel); please remember comrade YouTube Hero SuperU's FA video idents, but please also check out the latest guidance on video editing for Folk ARPS from comrade Ferrard Carson. Posts in the AAR threads really helps us (the hosts and mission makers), both with understanding how we can improve the experiences, and showing potential comrades what our sessions are like.


* Counter-revolutionaries will be arrested and shot.
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